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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
vivatta-cchada:a.[vivatta- (vivaṭa-) chada] (煩悩の)覆いを開いた(=還滅せる) [仏陀].
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Vivatta-cchada,(adj.) having the cover removed,with the veil lifted; one who draws away the veil (cp.vivaraṇa) or reveals (the Universe etc.); or one who is freed of all (mental & spiritual) coverings (thus Bdhgh),Ep.of the Buddha.-- Spelling sometimes chadda° (see chada).-- D.I,89; II,16; III,142 (dd; sammā-sambuddha loko vivatta-chadda; trsln “rolling back the veil from the world”),177 (dd); A.II,44 (v.l.dd); Sn.372 (expld as “vivaṭa-rāga-dosa-moha-chadana SnA 365),378,1003 (ed.Sn.prefers dd as T.reading); Nd2 593 (with allegorical interpretation); J.I,51; III,349; IV,271 (dd); DhA.I,201 (v.l.dd); III,195; DA.I,250.-- It occurs either as vivatta° or vivaṭa°.In the first case (vivatta°) the expln presents difficulties,as it is neither the opp.of vatta (“duty”),nor the same as vivaṭṭa (“moving back” intrs.),nor a direct pp.of vivattati (like Sk.vivṛtta) in which meaning it would come nearer to “stopped,reverted,ceased.” vivattati has not been found in Pāli.The only plausible expln would be taking it as an abs.pp.formation fr.vṛt in Caus.sense (vatteti),thus “moved back,stopped,discarded” [cp.BSk.vivartayati to cast off a garment,Divy 39).In the second case (vivaṭa°) it is pp.of vivarati [vi+vṛ see vuṇāti],in meaning “uncovered,lifted,off,” referring to the covering (chada) as uncovered instead of the uncovered object.See vivaṭa.It is difficult to decide between the two meanings.On the principle of the “lectio difficilior” vivatta would have the preference,whereas from a natural & simple point of view vivaṭa seems more intelligible & more fitting.It is evidently an old phrase.Note.--vivatta-kkhandha at S.I,121 is a curious expression (“with his shoulders twisted round”?).Is it an old misreading for pattakkhandha? Cp.however,S.A.quoted K.S.I.151,n.5,explaining it as a dying monk’s effort to gain an orthodox posture.(Page 637)

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