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Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
vipañcita: vipañcita(ti)
«vi+paci+ta.vipañcīyate vittharīyate atthoti vipañcito.netti,vi.65.vipañcita-sakkatapiṭaka.»
[ဝိ+ပစိ+တ။ ဝိပၪၥီယေတ ဝိတၳရီယေတ အေတၳာတိ ဝိပၪၥိေတာ။ ေနတၱိ၊ဝိ။၆၅။ ဝိပၪၥိတ-သကၠတပိဋက။]
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Vipañcita,[fr.vi+pañc,cp.papañcita] only in phrase °ññū either:knowing diffuseness or detail,or:of unillusioned understanding,clear-minded,unprejudiced,combd with ugghaṭita-ññū at A.II,135=Pug.41 (trsld by B.C.Law as “learning by exposition”; PugA 223 expls as “vitthāritaṁ atthaṁ jānāti,” i.e.one who knows a matter expld in detail.The spelling at A.II,135 is vipacita°; at Pug.41 vipaccita° & at PugA vipaccita°,with v.l.vipañcita°); Nett 7 sq.125; SnA 163 (where ugghaṭita-ññū is applied to those who understand by condensed instruction,saṅkhepa-desanāya,and vipañcita-ññū to those who need a detailed one,vitthāradesanā; thus “learning by diffuseness”).-- At Nett 9 we have the var.terms vipañcanā vipañcayati & vipañciyati (denom. ) used in the description of var.ways of parsing and grammatical analysis.Here vipañcanā (resting clearly on Sk.papañca expansion) means “expanding” (by letters & vowels) and stands midway between ugghaṭanā & vitthāraṇā “condensing & detailing.” The term vipañcayati (=vipañciyati) is used in the same way.-- Note.The term is not sufficiently cleared up.It occurs in BSk.as vipañcika (e.g.Divy 319,391,475,where it is appld to “brāhmaṇā naimittikā” & trsld by Cowell as “sooth-sayer”),and vipañcanaka (Divy 548?),with which cp.vipañcitājña at Lal.Vist.520.See remark on vejjañjanika.(Page 626)
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
[ဝိ+ပစိ+တ။ ဝိပၪၥီယေတ ဝိတၳရီယေတ အေတၳာတိ ဝိပၪၥိေတာ။ ေနတၱိ၊ဝိ။၆၅။ ဝိပၪၥိတ-သကၠတပိဋက။]
(၁) ခ်ဲ႕-အက်ယ္ျပ-အပ္ေသာ။ (၂) ျဖည္းညႇင္းေႏွးေကြးေသာ။ (၁) (၂) ဝိပၪၥိတညဴ-ၾကည့္။

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