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Vīti°,is the contracted prepositional combn vi+ati,representing an emphatic ati,e.g.in the foll.:

--(k)kama (1) going beyond,transgression,sin Vin.III,112; IV,290; J.I,412; IV,376; Pug.21; Miln.380; Vism.11,17; DhA.IV,3.-- (2) going on,course (of time) PvA.137 (°ena by and by; v.l.anukkamena).--kiṇṇa sprinkled,speckled,gay with J.V,188.--nāmeti to make pass (time),to spend the time,to live,pass,wait J.III,63,381; DhA.II,57; VvA.158; PvA.12,21,47,76.--patati to fly past,to flit by,to fly up & down Sn.688; A.V,88=Miln.392.--missa mingled,mixed (with) M.I,318; D.III,96; J.VI,151.--vatta having passed or overcome,gone through; passed,spent S.I,14,145; III,225; IV,52; A.II,44; Sn.6,395,796; J.I,374; ThA.170; PvA.21,55,83.--sāreti [fr.vi+ati+ sṛ not with Childers fr.smṛ cp.BSk.vyatisārayati] to make pass (between),to exchange (greeting),to address,converse (kathaṁ),greet.Often in phrase sārāṇīyaṁ sammodanīyaṁ kathaṁ vītisāreti [for which BSk.sammodanīṁ saṁrañjanīṁ vividhāṁ kathāṁ vyatisārayati,e.g.AvŚ II.140] D.I,52,90,118,152; Sn.419; cp.Miln.19; J.IV,98 (shortened to sārāṇīyaṁ vītisārimha; expld with sārayimha); V,264.--haraṇa passing (mutually),carrying in between J.VI,355 (bhojanānaṁ).--harati to associate with (at a meal) S.I,162.--hāra,in pada° “taking over or exchange of steps,” a stride S.I,211; A.IV,429; J.VI,354.Same in BSk.e.g.MVastu I.35; III,162.(Page 644)

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