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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
upa-:pref.[〃] 近,副的; 帶,帶領(學生,同伴等).
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
upa-:pref.[〃] 近く,副の,隨える.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Upa-,[Vedic upa; Av.upa on,up; Gr.u(pό under,u(pέr over; Lat.sub fr.*(e)ks-upo; Goth.uf under & on; Ohg.ūf = Ags.up = E.up; Oir.fo under.See also upari] prefix denoting nearness or close touch (cp.similarly ā),usually with the idea of approach from below or rest on top,on,upon,up,by.-- In compn. a upa is always contracted to upa,e.g.devūpaṭṭhāna,lokûpaga,puññûpatthambhita.-- Meanings:(1) (Rest):on upon,up --:°kiṇṇa covered over; °jīvati live on (cp.anu°); °tthambhita propped up,sup-ported; °cita heaped up,ac-cumulated; °dhāreti hold or take up; °nata bent on; °nissaya foundation; °nissita depending on etc.-- (2) (Aim):(out) up to (the speaker or hearer); cp.the meanings developed out of this as “higher,above” in upara,upari,upama = Lat.superus,supremus E.g.°kaḍḍhati drag on to; °kappati come to,accrue; °kappana ad-ministering; °kāra service to; °kkhata administered; °gacchati go to,ap-proach (cp.upâtigacchati); °disati ad-vise; °dhāvati run up to:°nadati to sound out; °nikkhamati come out up to; °nisevita gone on to or after; °neti bring on to; etc.-- (3) (Nearness):close by,close to,near,“ad-”; e.g.°kaṇṇaka close to the ear; °cāra ap-plication; °ṭṭhāna at-tending; ṭṭhita ap-proached; °tiṭṭhati stand by,look after; °dduta urged; °nāmeti place close to; °nibandhati tie close to; °nisīdati sit close to or down by.-- (4) (Intensive use):quite,altogether,“up”; e.g.°antika quite near; °chindati cut up.-- (5) (Diminutive use as in Lat.subabsurdus; Gr.u(poλeukos whitish; Oir.fo-dord; Cymr.go-durdd murmur):nearly,about,somewhat,a little,secondary,by --,miniature,made after the style of,e.g.°aḍḍha about half; °kacchaka like a little hollow; °kaṇḍakin (= °paṇḍukin? whitish); °deva a minor god; °nibha somewhat similar to; °nila bluish; upapurohita minor priest; uparajja viceroyalty; upalohitaka,uparopa; °vana a little forest.etc.Note.The nearest semantie affinity of upa is ā°.(Page 138)

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