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増補改訂パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
uddhaṁ,uddha indecl. [Sk.ūrdhva] 上に,後に,高く,上方に. uddhamāghātanā死後. tato uddhaṁそれ以来. -gama-vāta 上向風. -bhāgiya上分の. -bhāgiya-saṁyojana上分結. -sara高声. -sota上流
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Uddhaṁ,(& Uddha°) (indecl.) [nt.of adj.*uddha = Sk.ūrdhva high; to Idg.*ared(h) as in Lat.arduus steep,or *ured as in Sk.vardhate to raise,Gr.o)rqόs straight] high up,on top,above (adv.& prep.).-- On uddhaṁ in spatial,temporal,ethical & psychological application see in detail Nd2 155.-- I.(adv.).-- A.(of space) up,aloft,on top,above (opp.adho) Vin.III,121; KhA 248 (= upari).-- In contrast with adho (above › below) D.I,23,153,251; Vism.176 (u.adho tiriyaṁ expld.); DA.I,98 (see also adho).-- Esp.with ref.to the points of the compass as “in zenith” (opp.adho “in nadir”),e.g.at D.I,222 (“straight up”); It.120; J.I,20.‹-› B.(of time) in future,ahead,hence Sn.894; Nd1 303 (u.vuccati anāgataṁ).-- II.(prep.with Abl.& Instr.).‹-› A.(of space) in phrase uddhaṁ pādatalā adho kesamatthakā (above the soles & below the scalp) D.II,293,294; III,104; A.III,323; V,109.-- B.(of time) after,hence Pv.I,1012 (u.catūhi māsehi after 4 months = catunnaṁ māsānaṁ upari PvA.52); PvA.147 (sattahi vassa satehi u.,meaning here 700 years ago,cp.ito in similar application,meaning both past & future),148 (sattāhato u.after a week; uttari v.l.BB.).-- In cpds.uddha° & uddhaṁ° (see below).The reading udhogalaṁ at PvA.104 is to corrected to adho°.-- III,Note (cp.Trenckner,Notes 60).In certain cases we find ubbhaṁ for uddhaṁ.Notice the foll.:ubbhaṁ yojanaṁ uggato J.V,269; ubbhaṭṭhako hoti “standing erect” D.I,167; M.I,78; ubbhamukhu “mouth (face) upwards”,turned upwards S.III,238; Miln.122.

(1) uddha° in:--gāmin going upwards S.V,370 sq.cchiddaka (--vātapānā) (windows) having openings above DhA.I,211.--pāda heels upwards either with adhosira (head down) A.IV,133,or avansira Vv 5225 (v.l.); J.I,233.--mukha turned upwards,adv.°ā upwards or backwards (of a river) Miln.295 (Gaṅgā u.sandati; in same context ubbha° Miln.122).--lomin “having hair on the upper side”,a kind of couch or bed (or rug on a couch) Vin.I,192 = II.163,169.So is prob.to be read for uddalomī (q.v.).--virecana action of an emetic (lit.throwing up) (opp.adho-virecana of a purgative) D.I,12 (= uddhaṁ dosānaṁ nīharaṇaṁ DA.I,98); DhA.III,126; SnA 86.--suddha clean on top Vin.II,152.-- (2) uddhaṁ° in:--āghātanika an after-deather,a teacher who maintains that the soul exists after death D.I,31,cp.DA.I,119.--pāda feet up (& head down) Vv 5225 (v.l.uddha°).--bhāgiya belonging to the upper part (opp.oram°):see saṁyojana.--virecana v.l.BB.at SnA 86 for uddha°.--sara(ṁ) (adv.) with raised or lofty voice,lit.“sounding high” Sn.901,see Nd1 315.--sota (adj.) one who is going upwards in the stream of life [cp.BSk.ūrdhvasrotaḥ Mahāvy § 46] D.III,237; S.V,69,201,205,237,285,314,378; A.I,233; II,134; IV,14 sq.,73 sq.,146,380; V,120; Dh.218; Th.II,12; Pug.17; Nett 190; DhA.III,289; lit.up-stream at J.III,371.(Page 136)

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