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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
uccā:adv.[Sk.uccā,ucca 的 sg.instr.] 高(高地),上.-kaṇerukā,-kāḷārikā 高貴的牝象.-sadda 高聲.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
uccā:adv.[Sk.uccā,ucca の sg.instr.] 高く,上に.-kaṇerukā,-kāḷārikā 高貴な牝象.-sadda 高声.
Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
uccā: uccā(bya)

PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Uccā,(°-) (adv.) [cp.Sk.uccā,Instr.sg.of uccaṁ,cp.paścā behind,as well as uccaiḥ Instr.pl.-- In BSk.we find ucca° (uccakulīna Av.Ś III,117) as well as uccaṁ (uccaṁgama Divy 476).It is in all cases restricted to cpds.] high (lit.& fig.),raised,in foll.cpds.

--kaṇerukā a tall female elephant M.I,178.--kāḷārikā id.M.I,178 (v.l.°kaḷārikā to be preferred).--kula a high,noble family Pv III,116 (= uccā khattiya-kul-âdino PvA.176).--kulīnatā birth in a high-class family,high rank M.III,37; VvA.32.--sadda a loud noise D.I,143,178; A.III,30.--sayana a high bed (+ mahāsayana) Vin.I,192; D.I,5,7; cp.DA.I,78.(Page 127)
Pali-Dictionary Vipassana Research Institute
uccā:An indecl.with the meaning "above," "high," forming the first part of many compounds; uccakulīno,of high family
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္

ဥစၥႏွင့္ အနက္တူ။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
uccā:ဥစၥာ (နိ)
ျမင့္စြာ။ အျမင့္၌။

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