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巴利語匯解&巴利新音譯 瑪欣德尊者
Tāvatiṁsa:三十三天, 忉利天,怛唎耶怛唎奢
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Tāvatiṁsa,[tayo+tiṁsa.Cp.Vedic trayastriṁśat] No.33,only in cpds.denoting the 33 gods,whose chief is Sakka,while the numeral 33 is always tettiṁsa.This number occurs already in the Vedas with ref.to the gods & is also found in Zend-Avesta (see Haug,Language & Writings,etc.,pp.275,276).The early Buddhists,though they took over the number 33,rejected the superstitious beliefs in the magical influence and mystic meaning of that & other simple numbers.And they altered the tradition.The king of the gods had been Indra,of disreputable character from the Buddhist point of view.Him they deposed,and invented a new god named Sakka,the opposite in every way to Indra (see for details Dial.II.294--298).Good Buddhists,after death in this world,are reborn in heaven (sagga),by which is meant the realm of the Thirty-three (D.II,209).There they are welcomed by the Thirtythree with a song of triumph (D.II,209,211,221,227).The Thirty-three are represented as being quite good Buddhists.Sakka their new chief and Brahmā address them in discourses suitable only for followers of the new movement (D.II,213,221).See further Vin.I,12; M.I,252; II,78; III,100; A.III,287; IV,396=VvA.18 (cpd with the people of Jambudīpa); V,59,331,Vism.225,etc.-- See also tidasa.

--devaloka the god-world of the 33; freq.e.g.J.I,202; Vism.399; DhA.III,8; --bhavana the realm of the 33 gods J.I,202; Vism.207 sq.,390,416,and passim.(Page 300)

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