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Sapadānaṁ,(adv.) [fr.phrase sa-padānaṁ-cārikā; i.e.sa2+Gen.pl.of pada (cp.gimhāna).Weber (Ind.Str.III,398) suggests sapadā+naṁ,sapadā being an Instr.by-form of sapadā,and naṁ an enclitic.Trenckner (Miln.p.428) says sapadi+ayana.Kern (Toev.II.73) agrees on the whole,but expls padānaṁ as pad’āyanaṁ] “with the same steps,” i.e.without interruption,constant,successive (cp.Lat stante pede & Sk.adv.sapadi at once).(1) lit.(perhaps a later use) of a bird at J.V,358 (s.sāliṁ khādanto,without a stop); of a lion at Miln.400 (sapadāna-bhakkha).(2) appld in phrase sapadānaṁ carati to go on uninterrupted alms-begging Vin.IV,191; S.III,238; Sn.413; J.I,66; Pv IV.344; VvA.121; and in phrases sapadāna-cārikā J.I,89; °cārika (adj.) Vin.III,15; °cārin M.I,30; II,7; Sn.65; Nd2 646.Also as adj.sapadāna (piṇḍapāta) Vin.II,214.(Page 679)

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