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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Sanghatissa:1.Sanghatissa.A Lambakanna who became king of Ceylon (303 7 A.C.) after slaying Vijayakumāra.He set up a parasol on the Mahā Thūpa and did other works of merit.Having heard from the Thera Mahādeva of Dāmahālaka of the merits of giving rice gruel,he arranged for a regular distribution of it.He used to visit Pācīnadīpaka in order to eat jambu fruits there,and the people,annoyed by his visits,poisoned him.He was succeeded by Sanghabodhi.Mhv.xxxvi.58ff.; Dpv.xxii.48f.

2.Sanghatissa. Called Asiggāha.He succeeded Aggabodhi II.as king of Ceylon (611 13 A.C.).Moggallāna (afterwards Moggallāna III.) rose against him,and Anurādhapura was deserted by the people.Sanghatissa was once forced to eat food prepared for the monks at the Mahāpāli.His Senāpati proved treacherous,the king was defeated in battle and was forced to flee to Merumajjara.From there he went to Veluvana,where,at the suggestion of the monks,he put on yellow robes and went towards Rohana with his son and minister.He was,however,recognized and taken captive at Manihīra,brought to Sīhagiri,and beheaded at the command of Moggallāna.His son asked to be beheaded before him,and his request was granted; his minister was also beheaded,because he refused to leave his king.Sanghatissa had another son,Jetthatissa.Cv.xliv.1ff.; see Cv.Trs.i.74,n.1.

3.Sanghatissa.A viceroy (uparāja) of Aggabodhi IV.He built the Uparājaka parivena.Cv.xlvi.24.

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