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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Sanghā:1.Sanghā Therī. She belonged to Prince Siddhattha’s court,and having joined the Order with Pajāpatī Gotamī,became an arahant.Thig.vs.18; ThigA.24.

2.Sanghā.Daughter of Mahānāma and step sister of Sotthisena.She killed Sotthisena and gave the kingdom to her husband,who was his umbrella bearer,but he died within a year.Cv.xxxviii.1f.

3.Sanghā. Wife of King Mānavamma.She was the daughter of the Malayarāja Sanghasena.Cv.xlvii.3,8.

4.Sanghā.Daughter of Aggabodhi VI.and wife of Aggabodhi VII.Her husband once struck her in anger,and,when she complained to her father,he sent her to a nunnery.There her maternal cousin,also called Aggabodhi,became friendly with her and ran away with her to Rohana.But her husband made war on him and seized both him and Sanghā.After that husband and wife lived in peace.Cv.x1viii.54ff.

5.Sanghā. Mahesī of Sena I.She and her husband built the Pubbārāma and the Sanghasenārāma in the Mahāvihāra.Sanghā also built the Uttara vihāra and the Mahindasena parivena.Cv.l.7,69,79.

6.Sanghā.Daughter of Kittaggabodhi and Devā and wife of Sena II.She had a son (Kassapa V.).She built the Sanghasenapabbatārāma and placed a sapphire diadem on the stone image of the Buddha.Cv.i.58; li.6,9,86; Sanghā’s son (Kassapa V.) is called dvayābhiseka sañjāta (born of the twice anointed queen).Tradition has it that after the death of Sena II.she became the wife of his successor,who made her his mahesī.

7.Sanghā.Wife of Kassapa V.She was a (daughter of Mahinda,yuvarāja of Sena II.and of Tissā.Cv.li.15,18.

8.Sanghā. An upāsikā,mentioned among those who will wait on Metteyya Buddha.She will be his chief patron among lay women.Anāgat.vs.61,99.

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