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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
samyojana: ’fetters’.

There are 10 fetters tying beings to the wheel of existence,namely:

(1) personality-belief (sakkāya-ditthi) (2) sceptical doubt (vicikicchā) (3) clinging to mere rules and ritual (sīlabbata-parāmāsa; s. upādāna) (4) sensuous craving (kāma-rāga) (5) ill-will (vyāpāda) (6) craving for fine-material existence (rūpa-rāga) (7) craving for immaterial existence (arūpa-rāga) (8) conceit (māna) (9) restlessness (uddhacca) (10) ignorance (avijjā) The first five of these are called ’lower fetters’ (orambhāgiya-samyojana),as they tie to the sensuous world.The latter 5 are called ’higher fetters’ (uddhambhāgiya-samyojana),as they tie to the higher worlds,i.e.the fine-material and immaterial world (A.IX.67-68; A.X.13; D.33,etc.).

He who is free from 1-3 is a Sotāpanna,or Stream-winner,i.e.one who has entered the stream to Nibbāna,as it were. He who,besides these 3 fetters,has overcome 4 and 5 in their grosser form,is called a Sakadāgāmi,a ’Once-returner’ (to this sensuous world). He who is fully freed from 1-5 is an Anāgāmī,or ’Non-returner’ (to the sensuous world). He who is freed from all the 10 fetters is called an Arahat,i.e.a perfectly Holy One.For more details,s.ariya-puggala.

The 10 fetters as enumerated in the Abhidhamma,e.g.Vibh.XVII,are:

sensuous craving, ill-will, conceit, wrong views, sceptical doubt, clinging to mere rules and ritual, craving for existence, envy, stinginess, ignorance.
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
SAMYOJANA:[nt] sự liên hệ,sự cột lại --niya [a] thuận lợi cho sự cột trói lại

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