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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
sampadā:f.[<saṃ-pad,BSk.〃] 円足,具足,成就,遂行,結果.
Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
sampadā:'attainment,blessing'.The 5 blessings are said to be faith,morality,learning,liberality,wisdom (A.V,91).Further:morality,concentration,wisdom,deliverance,the eye of knowledge connected with deliverance (A.V,92).
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
sampadā:[f] fortune; happiness; success; attainment.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Sampadā,(f.) [fr.saṁ+pad,cp.BSk.sampadā Divy 401 (devamanuṣya°),also sampatti] 1.attainment,success,accomplishment; happiness,good fortune; blessing,bliss A.I,38; Pv.II,947 (=sampatti PvA.132).-- Sampadā in its pregnant meaning is applied to the accomplishments of the individual in the course of his religious development.Thus it is used with sīla citta & paññā at D.I,171 sq.and many other passages in an almost encyclopedic sense.Here with sīla° the whole of the sīlakkhandha (D.I,63 sq.) is understood; citta° means the cultivation of the heart & attainments of the mind relating to composure,concentration and religious meditation,otherwise called samādhikkhandha.It includes those stages of meditation which are enumd under samādhi.With paññā° are meant the attainments of higher wisdom and spiritual emancipation,connected with supernormal faculties,culminating in Arahantship and extinction of all causes of rebirth,otherwise called vijjā (see the 8 items of this under vijjā b.).The same ground as by this 3 fold division is covered by the enumeration of 5 sampadās as sīla° samādhi° paññā° vimutti° vimutti-ñāṇadassana° M.I,145; Pug.54; cp.S.I,139; A.III,12.

The term sampadā is not restricted to a definite set of accomplishments.It is applied to various such sets besides the one mentioned above.Thus we find a set of 3 sampadās called sīla° citta° & diṭṭhi° at A.I,269,where under sīla the Nos.1--7 of the 10 sīlas are understood (see sīla 2 a),under citta Nos.8 & 9,under diṭṭhi No.10.‹-› sīla & diṭṭhi° also at D.III,213.-- A set of 8 sampadās is given at A.IV,322 with uṭṭhāna°,ārakkha°,kalyāṇamittatā,sammājīvitā,saddhā°,sīla°,cāga°,paññā°; of which the first 4 are expld in detail at A.IV,281=322 as bringing wordly happiness,viz.alertness,wariness,association with good friends,right livelihood; and the last 4 as leading to future bliss (viz.faith in the Buddha,keeping the 5 sīlas,liberality,higher wisdom) at A.IV,284=324.Another set of 5 frequently mentioned is:ñāti° bhoga° ārogya° sīla° diṭṭhi° (or the blessings,i.e.good fortune,of having relatives,possessions,health,good conduct,right views) representing the “summa bona” of popular choice,to which is opposed deficiency (vyasana,reverse) of the same items.Thus e.g.at A.III,147; D.III,235.‹-› Three sampadās:kammanta° ājīva° diṭṭhi° i.e.the 7 sīlas,right living (sammā-ājīva),right views A.I,271.-- Another three as saddhā° sīla° paññā° at A.I,287.‹-› Bdhgh at DhA.III,93,94 speaks of four sampadās,viz.vatthu° paccaya° cetanā°,guṇâtireka°; of the blessings of a foundation (for merit),ofmeans (for salvation),of good intentions,of virtue (& merit).-- A (later) set of seven sampadās is given at J.IV,96 with āgama°,adhigama°,pubbahetu°,attattha-paripucchā°,titthavāsa°,yoniso -- manasikāra°,buddh’ûpanissaya°.-- Cp.the following:atta° S.V,30 sq.; ākappa° A.I,38; ājīva° A.I,271; DA.I,235; kamma° A.IV,238 sq.; dassana° Sn.231; nibbāna° Vism.58; bhoga° (+parivāra°) DhA.I,78; yāga° ThA.40 (Ap.V,7); vijjācaraṇa° D.I,99. 2.execution,performance; result,consequence; thus yañña° successful performance of a sacrifice D.I,128; Sn.505,509; piṭaka-sampadāya “on the authority of the Piṭaka tradition,” according to the P.; in exegesis of iti-kira (hearsay) A.I,189=II.191=Nd2 151; and of itihītiha M.I,520=II.169.(Page 690)
Pali-Dictionary Vipassana Research Institute
sampadā:Success,happiness,blessing; successful attainment,success in obtaining,attainment,possession
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
sampadā:သမၸဒါ (ဣ) (သံ√ပဒ္+အာ)
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