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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
saṇṭhāna:n.[<saṃ-sthā] 形,形状,様相; 燃料; 休息所,止息 [=santhāna] .-mada 形色憍.
《巴漢詞典》Mahāñāṇo Bhikkhu編著
Saṇṭhāna,【中】 形狀,形式,位置。(p314)
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Saṇṭhāna,(nt.) [fr.saṁ+sthā] 1.configuration,position; composition,nature,shape,form Vin.II,76; M.I,120 (spelt °nth°); A.I,50; IV,190 (C.osakkana); Miln.270,316,405; J.I,71,291,368; II,108; Vism.184,225,243; DhsA.321; DA.I,88 (nth); SnA 464 (=linga).su° well formed Sn.28.-- adj.(-°) having the appearance of megha-vaṇṇa° PvA.251; chavi° appearance of the skin J.I,489; vaṇṇa° outward semblance Nett 27; J.I,271; sarīra° the (material) body Vism.193.-- 2.fuel J.II,330 =IV.471.-- 3.(usually spelt °nth°) a resting place,meeting place,public place (market) (cp.Sk.sansthāna in this meaning).At S.I,201 in phrase nadī-tīresu saṇṭhāne sabhāsu rathiyāsu (i.e.at all public places).S.I,201 reads saṇṭhāne (v.l.santhāne); cp.K.S.I.256 from C.:“a resting place (vissamana-ṭṭhāne) near the city gate,when market-wares had been brought down,” trsln “resting by the gates.” This stanza is quoted at SnA 20,where the ed.prefers reading panthāne as correct reading (v.l.saṇṭhāne).At M.I,481 (°nth°)= S.II,28 (2 fr.b.),it seems to be used in the sense of “end,stopping,cessation”=A.IV,190 (the editions of S and A have saṇṭhāna).At J.VI,113 it is translated by “market place,” the comp.saṇṭhāna-gata being explained by the Comm.by saṇṭhāna-mariyādaṁ gatā,but at J.VI,360 saṇṭhāna-gata is by the English translator translated “a wealthy man” (vinicchaye ṭhito,Com.),which,however,ought to be “in the court house” (cp.vinicchaya-ṭṭhāna),i.e.publicly.In both places there is also v.l.santhāna-°.(Page 671)
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
SAṆṬHĀNA:[nt] địa vị,hình thức,kiểu
Pali Viet Abhidhamma Terms Từ điển các thuật ngữ Vô Tỷ Pháp của ngài Tịnh Sự, được chép từ phần ghi chú thuật ngữ trong các bản dịch của ngài.
saṇṭhāna:cung cấp,cử chỉ
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
saṇṭhāna:သဏၭာန (န) (သံ√ဌာ+ယု)
တည္ျခင္း။ တန္႔ရပ္ျခင္း။ ပံုသဏၭာန္။
သဏၭာနကာေလ၊ တည္ေသာအခါ၌။

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