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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
sārāṇīya:a.[<sāraṇa<smṛ,BSk.saṃrañjanīya<saṃ-raj] 憶念すべき,記憶すべき,可念の [BSk.相慶慰すべき,喜ぶべき].
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Sārāṇīya,(adj.) [the question of derivation is still unsettled.According to Trenckner (Notes 75) fr.saraṇa (i.e.saraṇa1 or sarana2?) with double vṛddhi.Kern (Toev.II.74) considers the (B) Sk.saṁrañjanīya as the original and derives it fr.saṁ+raj to rejoice,to gladden:see rañjati.The BSk.is divided:MVastu III,47,60,206 etc.has sārāyaṇiya,whereas AvŚ I.229 & Divy 404 read saṁrañjanī and saṁrañjanīya (see below).-- The C.at J.IV,99 derives it fr.saraṇa3 in explaining sārāṇīyā kathā as “sāritabba-yuttakā kathā”] courteous,polite,friendly (making happy,pleasing,gladdening?),only in combn with kathā dhamma,or dhammakathā,e.g.s.kathā polite speech,either in phrase sammodanīyaṁ kathaṁ sārāṇīyaṁ vītisāreti to exchange greetings of friendliness & courtesy D.I,52; M.I,16 (expld inter alia as “anussariyamānasukhato s.” at MA 110); A.I,55,281; II,42; cp.BSk.sammodanīṁ saṁrañjanīṁ vividhāṁ k.vyatisārya AvŚ I.229.-- sārāṇīyaṁ kathaṁ.katheti DhA.I,107; IV,87; sārāṇīyā dhammā states of conciliation,fraternal living (Dial.III,231) D.III,245; M.I,322; II,250; A.III,288; V,89; DhsA.294; J.V,382; cp.BSk.saṁrañjanīyan dharmaṁ samādāya Divy 404.-- sārāṇīyaṁ dhammakathaṁ suṇāti DhA.IV,168.(Page 706)

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