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Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
ruppa: ruppa(na)
«rupa+ya.āhataṃ rūpaṃ assa atthīti ruppaṃ.kappadduma.rupya-saṃ.ruppa-prā,addhamāgadhī.]
[႐ုပ+ယ။ အာဟတံ ႐ူပံ အႆ အတၳီတိ ႐ုပၸံ။ ကပၸဒၵဳမ။ ႐ုပ်-သံ။ ႐ုပၸ-ျပာ၊ အဒၶမာဂဓီ။]
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Ruppa,in ruppa-rūpakaṁ (nt.) Th.2,394 is not clear.It refers to something which is not rūpa,yet pretends to be rūpa,i.e.a sham performance or show.Thus ruppa may correspond to *rūpya & with rūpaka mean “having the form (i.e.the appearance) of form,i.e.substantiality.“ The Cy.(ThA.259) interprets as “rūpiya-rūpasadisaṁ sāraṁ sāraṁ upaṭṭhahantaṁ asāran ti attho”; and Mrs.Rh.D.(Sisters,p.154) trsls:“deluded by puppet shows (seen in the midst of the crowd).” Ruppati [rup=lup,one of the rare cases of P.r.representing a Sk.1.,whereas the opposite is frequent.The same sound change Idg.,as Lat.rumpo to break corresponds to Sk.lumpati.Besides we find the Sk.form ropayati to break off.-- The root has nothing to do with rūpa,although the P.Commentators combine these two.-- Cp.also Sk.ropa hole; Ags.rēofan to break,rēaf (theft)= Ger.raub,rauben,and many other cognates (see Walde s.v.rumpo).-- The root rup is defd at Dhtm by nās,i.e.to destroy; another rup is given at Dhtm 837 in meaning “ropana”] to be vexed,oppressed,hurt,molested (always with ref.to an illness or pain) Sn.767 (salla-viddho va r.) 1121; Nd1 5 (=kuppati,ghaṭṭiyati,pīḷiyati); Nd2 543 (=kuppati pīḷayati ghaṭayati).-- ppr.Gen.ruppato S.I,198 (salla-viddhassa r.; expld at K.S.320 by “ghaṭṭan-atthena”)= Sn.331 (reads salla-viddhāna ruppataṁ,i.e.pl.instead of sg.); Th.1,967 (salla-viddhassa ruppato (C.sarīravikāraṁ āpajjato,Brethren,338); J.II,437 (C.ghaṭṭiyamāna pīḷiyamāna)=Vism.49 (dukkhitassa r.); J.III,169 (salla-viddhassa r.=ghaṭṭiyamāna C.).--ruppati to Pāli exegesis with its fondness of allegorical (“orthodox”) interpretation,is the etym.base of rūpa,thus at S.III,86:“ruppatī ti tasmā rūpan ti vuccati kena r.? sītena,uṇhena etc.(all kinds of material dukkha:dukkha II.3b) ruppati.” -- Or at Sn.1121 (ruppanti rūpena),& at other passages given under rūpa (A).See also ruppana.(Page 573)
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
[႐ုပ+ယ။ အာဟတံ ႐ူပံ အႆ အတၳီတိ ႐ုပၸံ။ ကပၸဒၵဳမ။ ႐ုပ်-သံ။ ႐ုပၸ-ျပာ၊ အဒၶမာဂဓီ။]
(အ႐ုပ္တံဆိပ္ ခပ္ႏွိပ္ထားေသာ) ေရႊ-ေငြ-ဒဂၤါး-ပိုက္ဆံ။ ႐ုပၸ႐ူပက-ၾကည့္။

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