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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
rahas:raho n.[Sk.rahas<rah] 静処,独処,幽邃,秘密.acc.raho adv.ひそかに,静かに.rahā-bhāva 秘密.rahogata 独処せる,寂静処,孤坐,独坐の.raho-vāda 秘密語,陰口.
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Rahas,& Raho (nt.) [Vedic rahas.The Pāli word is restricted to the forms raho and rahā° (=*rahaḥ); a Loc.rahasi is mentioned by Childers,but not found in the Canon.-- To rahati] lonely place,solitude,loneliness; secrecy,privacy.-- 1.raho: occurring only as adv.“secretly,lonely,in secret,” either absolutely,e.g.S.I,46; Sn.388; Pv.II,716 (opp.āvi openly); IV,140 (raho nisinna); Vism.201 (na raho karoti pāpāni:arahaṁ tena vuccati); or in cpds.e.g.°gata being in private,being alone D.I,134 (+paṭisallīna); Sn.p.60.See also under paṭisallīna; °gama “secret convention,secret intercourse,” fig.a secret adviser J.VI,369 (after Kern,not found!); °vāda secret talk M.III,230.See also anu°.-- 2.rahā°,only in cpd.rahā-bhāva secrecy,in defn of arahant at DA.I,146=Vism.201 (rahābhāvena ten’esa arahan ti).See also der.rāha-seyyaka.Note.Hardy’s reading yathā rahaṁ at Pv.II,923 & PvA.78 is not correct,it should be yath’ârahaṁ (cp.similarly pūj-âraha).In the same sense we would preferably read agg’āsan’ādi-arahānaṁ “of those who merit the first seat etc.” at J.I,217,although all MSS.have aggāsanādi-rahānaṁ,thus postulating a form raha=araha.(Page 567)

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