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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
puṭa:m.[-cf.〃] 容器,箱,袋,空洞.-aṃsa 肩袋,食料袋.-bandha-upāhanā 袋靴.-bhedana 百川の流入する,財貨の集散する.
《巴漢詞典》Mahāñāṇo Bhikkhu編著
Puṭa,puṭaka,【陽、中】(通常是以樹葉做的)容器,口袋,籃子。 ~baddha,【形】打包成包裹的。 ~bhatta,【中】 一包飯。 ~bhedana,【中】 包裹的口子。 ~aŋsa,【形】 肩上掛個背包的。(p229)
Puṭa,puṭaka,【陽】【中】(通常是以樹葉做的)容器,口袋,籃子(“tube,” container,hollow,pocket)。puṭabaddha,【形】打包成包裹的。puṭabhatta,【中】一包飯。puṭabhedana,【中】包裹迸裂(種子)的袋子(breaking of the (seed-) boxes of the Pāṭali plant)。puṭaṁsa,【形】掛肩上的背包(裝旅途資糧的肩袋)。
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
puṭa:[m.; nt.] a container.(usually made of leaves); a pocket; a basket.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Puṭa,[etym.unknown,prob.dialectical,as shown by N.of Pāṭaliputta,where putta=puṭa since unfamiliar in origin] orig.meaning “tube,” container,hollow,pocket.-- 1.a container,usually made of leaves (cp.J.IV,436; V,441; VI,236),to carry fruit or other viands,a pocket,basket:ucchu° basket for sugar J.IV,363; paṇṇa° leaf-basket PvA.168; phala° fruit basket J.IV,436=VI,236; phānita(ssa)° basket of molasses,sugar-basket S.I,175 (KS.:jar); J.IV,366; DhA.IV,232; mālā° basket for garlands or flowers DhA.III,212 (baddha made,lit.bound).In puṭa-baddha-kummāsa VvA.308 perhaps meaning “cup.” -- 2.a bag or sack,usually referring to food carried for a journey,thus “knapsack” (or directly “provisions,” taking the container for what it contains DA.I,288 puts puṭaṁsa= pātheyya),in bhatta° bag with provisions J.II,82 (with bandhati),203; III,200; DA.I,270.Also at J.IV,375 “bag” (tamba-kipillaka°).See below °aṁsa & °bhatta.-- 3.a tube,hollow,in nāsā° (nāsa°) nostril J.VI,74; Vism.195,263,362; KhA 65; hattha° the hollow of the hand Miln.87; vatthi° bladder(--bag) Vism.264; sippi-puṭa oyster shell J.V,197,206.puṭaṁ karoti to form a hollow VbhA.34.-- 4.box,container,see °bheda & °bhedana,in pāṭali-puṭa seed box for the P.flower.

--aṁsa “bag-shoulder” (for “shoulder-bag,” cp.aṁsapuṭa (assapuṭa) & Ger.rucksack=knapsack.Rightly expld by Bdhgh at DA.I,288),a bag carrying provisions on journeys,hence “provision,” in phrase puṭaṁsena with provisions (v.l.at all places puṭosena) D.I,117; M.III,80; A.II,183; cp.Dialogues I.150; see also mutoḷī.--pāka something cooked in a bag (like a meal-pudding) Vism.500.--baddha kind of moccasins Vin.I,186,see Vin.Texts II.15.Spelt puṭa-bandha at Vism.251=VbhA.234.--bhatta “bag-food,” viaticum,provisions for journey J.II,423; KhA 46.--bheda the breaking of the container (i.e.seed boxes of the Sirīsa plant) VvA.344 (in vatthu where Sirīsa refers to Pāṭaliputta,cp.Vv 8452,53).--bhedana breaking of the (seed-) boxes of the Pāṭali plant,referring primarily to the N.of Pāṭali-putta,where putta represents a secondary Pālisation of Sk.°putra which again represents P.(or Non-Aryan) puṭa (see Pischel,Prk.Gr.§ 238 & 292).Through popular etym.a wrong conception of the expression arose,which took puṭa in the sense of “wares,provisions,merchandise” (perhaps influenced by puṭaṁsa) and,based on C.on Ud.88 (bhaṇḍakānaṁ mocara-ṭṭhānaṁ vuttaṁ hoti) gave rise to the (wrong) trsln Dial.II.92 “a centre for interchange of all kinds of wares.” See also Miln.trsln I.2; Buddh.Suttas XVI,-- Vin.I,229=D.II,87=Ud.88.After the example of Pāṭaliputta applied to the city of Sāgala at Miln.1 (nānā-puṭa-bhedanaṁ S° nagaraṁ).Here clearly meant for “merchandise.” -- Rh.D.in a note on puṭabhedana gives expln “a town at the confluence or bend of a river” (cp.Jaina Sūtras 2,451).Puṭaka (nt.) [fr.puṭa] a bag,pocket,knapsack or basket J.II,83 (°bhatta=provisions); DA.I,263; DhA.II,82 (v.l.piṭaka & kutaka); IV,132 (pockets of a serpent’s hood).Cp.bhatta.(Page 464)
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
PUṬA:puṭaka [m] [nt] giỏ,hộp (làm bằng lá),giỏ xách,thúng rổ --baddha [a] cột lại một gói --bhatta [nt] một gói cơm --bhedana [nt] mở gói đồ ra --ṃsa [a] có cái bị trên vai
Pali Roots Dictionary ဓါတ္အဘိဓာန္
ဘူ+စု = သံေယာေဂ-ပူးယွဉ္ျခင္း၌။
စု = စုဏၰ ဒိတၱီသု-အမႈန္႔ျပဳျခင္း,ထြန္းပျခင္းတို႔၌။
ပုဋတိ၊ ပုဋယတိ၊ ေပါေဋတိ၊ ေပါဋယတိ။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
puṭa:ပုဋ (ပ) (√ပုဋ္+အ)
အထုပ္။ ဖက္ခြက္။

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