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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
pitar:m.[Sk.pitṛ] 父,父祖.(sg.) nom.pitā; acc.pitaraṃ; instr.pitarā,pitunā,petyā; dat.gen.pitu,pituno; abl.pitarā,pitito; loc.pitari; (pl.) nom.pitaro; acc.pitaro,pitare,pitū; instr.pitarehi,pitūhi; dat.gen.pitunnaṃ,pitūnaṃ; loc.pitūsu,pitusu.pitaraṃ jīvitā voropeti 父を生命より奪う,父を殺す.pitā jīvitā voropito hoti 父は生命から奪われてある,父は殺された.pitā bhūta-bhavyānaṃ 過去未来の父.
Pitar,(梵pitr﹐父二人(雙數格)表雙親),【陽】父親。單.主.pitā;復.主pitaro;單.呼.pita﹑pitā;復.呼pitaro;單.賓.pitaraṁ;復.賓.pitare﹑pitaro;單.具.﹑離.pitarā;復.具.﹑離.pitarehi﹑pitarebhi﹑pitūbhi﹑pitūhi;單.與.﹑屬.pitu﹑pitauno﹑pitussa;復.與.﹑屬.pitarānaṁ﹑pitānaṁ﹑pitūnaṁ;單.處.pitari;復.處.pitaresu﹑pitūsu。pitukicca,【中】父親的責任。pitughāta,【陽】弒父。pitusantaka,【形】父親的所有物,父親的。pitito,【離.單】由父系(by the father’s side)。cuḷapituputto﹐【陽】小叔父之子。
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Pitar,[Vedic pitṛ,pitar-; cp.Gr.patήr; Lat.pater,Juppiter,Dies-piter=*zeus patήr; Goth.fadar=Ger.vater= E.father; Oir.athir etc.to onomat.syllable *pa-pa,cp.tāta & mātā] father.-- Cases:sg.Nom.pitā S.I,182; Dh.43; J.V,379; SnA 423; Acc.pitaraṁ Dh.294; & pituṁ Cp.II.93; Instr.pitarā J.III,37,pitunā,petyā J.V,214; Dat.Gen.pitu M.III,176; J.IV,137; VI,365,589; & pituno Vin.I,17 (cp.Prk.piuṇo); Abl.pitarā J.V,214; Loc.pitari.-- pl.Nom.pitaro Sn.404; J.IV,1; PvA.38,54 (mātā°); Acc.pitaro PvA.17,pitare,& pitū Th.2,433; Instr.pitarehi & pitūhi; Dat.Gen.pitunnaṁ J.III,83; (mātā°); VI,389 (id.); Pv.II,84; pitūnaṁ It.110; Loc.pitusu Th.2,499; J.I,152 (mātā°); and pitūsu PvA.3 (mātā°).Further:Abl.sg.pitito by the father’s side D.I,113 (+mātito); A.III,151; J.V,214.-- A.I,62,132,138 sq.; Sn.296,579 (paralokato na pitā tāyate puttaṁ); Nd2 441 (=yo so janako); J.I,412 (=tāta); V,20; VbhA.108 (where pretty popular etym.is given with “piyāyatī ti pitā”),154 (in simile).‹-› Of Brahmā:D.I,18,cp.DA.I,112; of Inda J.V,153.There is sometimes a distinction made between the father as such and the grandfather (or ancestors in Gen.) with culla° (cūḷa°),i.e.little and mahā° i.e.grand-father,e.g.at J.I,115 (+ayyaka); PvA.107.The collective term for “parents” is mātāpitaro (pl.not dual),e.g.Sn.404; J.I,152; III,83; IV,1; PvA.107.On similes of father and son op.J.P.T.S.1907,112.In cpds.there are the 3 bases pitā,piti° & pitu°.(a) pitā°:°putta father & son J.I,253; pl.°puttā fathers & sons,or parents & children J.IV,115; VI,84.°mahā grandfather Pv.II,84; J.II,263; DA.I,281; PvA.41; °mahāyuga age of a grandfather (i.e.a generation of ancestors) D.I,113 (see det.expln DA.I,281=SnA 462); Sn.p.115; KhA 141; petti-pitā-mahā great-grandfathers,all kinds of ancestors J.II,48 (=pitu-vitā mahā C.).‹-› (b.) piti°:°kicca duty of a father J.V,153; °ghāta parricide J.IV,45 (BB pitu°); °pakkha father’s side DhA.I,4; °pitāmahā (pl.) fathers & grandfathers,ancestors J.V,383; °vadha parricide DA.I,135.--(c) pitu°:°ja originating from the father J.VI,589 (+mātuja); °ghātaka parricide (+mātughātaka) Vin.I,88,136,168,320; °nāma fathers name SnA 423; °pitāmahā (pl.) ancestors (cp.piti°) A.IV,61; J.I,2; II,48.°rakkhita guarded by a father M.III,46.°santaka father’s possession J.I,2.°hadaya father’s heart J.I,61.(Page 458)

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