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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Pingiya:1.PingiyaChaplain to Brahmadatta,king ofBenares.He was a former birth ofDevadatta (J.iii.161).His story is given in the Dhonasākha Jātaka.

2.PingiyaCalled Pingiya mānava,nephew and pupil of Bāvarī.At the time that he visited the Buddha with the other disciples he was 120 years old and very feeble.At the end of his discussion with the Buddha,as recorded in the Pingiya Sutta (SN.vs.1120 23),because of his feebleness,he failed to reach any attainment.Thereupon he praised the Buddha and begged of him to go on.The Buddha preached to him further,and he became an anāgāmī,failing,however,to attain arahantship because his mind wandered to his maternal uncle,Bāvarī.His one thousand pupils,however,became arahants.Later,with the Buddha’s leave,he visited Bāvarī and told him the glad tidings,describing the Buddha’s glory (SN.vs.1131 45).At the end of his statement,the Buddha,seeing that the minds of both of them were mature,sent forth a ray of light from Sāvatthi and,appearing before them,preached to them.Thereupon Bāvarī became ananāgāmī and Pingiya anarahant (SNA.ii.603ff).

Pingiya was called mānava,even at the age of 120.(SNA.ii.413).

3.PingiyaOne of the seven anāgamīns born in theAvihā world,in the company ofGhatīkārā (S.i.35,60).He is described as a Bhikkhu,and is therefore probably identical with Pingiya (2).The story of the latter having attained arahantship must,in that case,have been a later legend.It is also possible that Pingiya is a variant reading forPingiyānī.

4.PingiyaA dog,mentioned in the Pūtimamsa Jātaka.J.iii.535.

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