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Piṁsati,磨擦,壓破。參考 pisati。
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Piṁsati,2 [piṣ or piṁṣ,Vedic pinaṣṭi,cp.Lat.pinso to grind,pīla=pestle,pistillum=pistil; Lith.paisýti to pound barley; Gr.ptiζsw id.; Ohg.fesa=Nhg.fese] 1.to grind,crush,pound J.I,452; II,363; IV,3 (matthakaṁ),440 (akaluñ candanañ ca silāya p.); Miln.43; DhA.III,184 (gandhe piṁsissati; BB pisissati).-- 2.to knock against each other,make a sound J.V,202:see piṁsati1.-- pp.piṁsa & piṭṭha1.See also pisati and paṭi°.(Page 456)
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Piṁsati,1 [piś or piṁś,cp.Vedic piṁśati,with two bases viz.Idg.*peig,as in P.piñjara & pingala; Lat.pingo to paint,embroider; and *peik,as in Sk.piṁśati,peśaḥ; Av.paes- to embellish; Gr.poikiλos many-coloured; Goth.fēh,Ags.fāh id.See detail in Walde,Lat.Wtb.under pingo] to adorn,form,embellish; orig.to prick,cut.Perhaps piṁsare (3.pl.med.) J.V,202 belongs here,in meaning “tinkle,sound” (lit.prick),expld in C.by viravati.Other der.see under pingala.piñjara,pesakāra.(Page 456)

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