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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
parakkama:m.[Sk.parākrama] 努力,勇猛.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
parakkama:m.[Sk.parākrama] 努力,勇猛.
Parakkama,【陽】parakkamana,【中】努力(exertion; endeavour; effort)。
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
parakkama:[m.] exertion; endeavour; effort.
Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Parakkama:1.Parakkama (Parakkanta).A Pandyan king,probably the son of Vikkamapandu,who ruled over Ceylon for two years (1051 52).He was slain by the Colas.Cv.lvi.16.

2.Parakkama.A Pandu king of Madhurā.When attacked by Kulasekhara,he appealed for assistance to Parakkamabāhu 1.of Ceylon.Parakkamabāhu sent an army under Lankāpura to help him,but by the time the Sinhalese forces arrived,Kulasekhara had slain the king and his family and seized Madhurā.Parakkama’s youngest son,who escaped death,was Vīrapandu (Cv.lxxvi.76ff.,142,193,200).Parakkama was killed in the village of Tirimalakka.Ibid.,lxxvii.52.

3.Parakkama.The general and minister of Queen Līlāvatī.He belonged to the family of the Kālanāgaras and was responsible for the queen’s accession.He seems to have been slain by the Pandu king Parakkama (4) see below (Cv.lxxx.49,52).This Parakkama,was a patron of learning,and the Dāthāvamsa (q.v.) was written at his request.

4.Parakkama. A Pandu king who deposed Queen Līlāvatī and captured the throne of Ceylon.He ruled in Pulatthinagara,but was captured by Māgha and tortured to death.Cv.lxxx.52ff.,71.
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
PARAKKAMA:[m] --mana [nt] cố gắng,ráng sức,siêng năng
Pali Viet Abhidhamma Terms Từ điển các thuật ngữ Vô Tỷ Pháp của ngài Tịnh Sự, được chép từ phần ghi chú thuật ngữ trong các bản dịch của ngài.
parakkama:sự ráng sức
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
parakkama:ပရ-ကၠမ (ပ) (ပရာ√ကမ္+အ)
အားထုတ္ျခင္း။ လံု႔လျပဳျခင္း။

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