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PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Pa°,(indecl.) [Ved.pra,Idg.*pro,cp.Gr.prό,Lat.pro,Goth.fra,Lith.pra,prō,Oir.ro-] directional prefix of forward motion,in applied sense often emphasising the action as carried on in a marked degree or even beyond its mark (cp.Ger.ver- in its function of Goth.fra & Ger.vor).Thus the sphere of pa- may be characterised in foll.applications:1.forth,forward,out:papatati fall forward,i.e.down; °neti bring forth (to); °gaṇhāti hold out; °tharati spread forth; °dhāvati run out; °bajati go forth; °sāreti stretch out; etc.-- 2.(intensive) in a marked degree,more than ordinarily (cp.E.up in cut up,heap up,fill up; thus often to be trsld by “up,” or “out,” or “about”):pakopeti up-set; °chindati cut up; °bhañjati break up; °cinati heap up; °kiṇṇaka scattered about; °nāda shouting out; °bhāti shine forth; °bhavati grow up,prevail; °dūseti spoil entirely; °jahati give up entirely; °tapeti make shine exceedingly (C.ativiya dīpeti); °jalati blaze up; °jānāti know well.-- In this meaning often with adjectives like patanu very thin; °thaddha quite stiff; °dakkhiṇa right in pre-eminence; °bala very strong.-- 3.“onward”:paṭṭhāya from ...onward; pavattati move on; fig.“further,later”:paputta a later (secondary) son,i.e.grandson.-- 4.“in front of,” “before”:padvāra,before the door.-- 5.Sometimes in trs.(reflexive) use,like pakūjin singing out to (each other,cp Ger.besingen,an-rufen).-The most frequent combination with other (modifying) prefixes is sam-ppa; its closest relatives (in meaning 2 especially) are ā and pari.The double (assimilation) p is restored after short vowels,like appadhaṁsiya (a+pa°).(Page 378)

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