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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Pārāsariya:1.Pārāsariya TheraA brahmin of Rājagaha,expert in the three Vedas.He belonged to the family of Pārāsara,hence his name.He was a teacher of many brahmins up to the time of his witnessing the miracles attending the Buddha’s visit to Rājagaha.Thereupon he joined the Order and shortly after became an arahant.

In the time of Piyadasī Buddha he was a hunter,and while hunting in the forest,he saw the Buddha in meditation,and erected a hut over him,covering it with lilies.For seven days he renewed the supply of flowers.On the seventh day a large concourse of humans and devas assembled to hear the Buddha preach.The hunter listened to the sermon,and was born after death in the deva world (Thag.vs.116; ThagA.i.229 ff).He is probably identical with Padumakūtāgārlya of the Apadāna (Ap.i.326ff).v.l.Pārāpariya.

2.PārāsariyaA brahmin teacher mentioned in the Indriyabhāvanā Sutta.He is said,by his pupil Uttara,to have taught that those who have developed their indriyas could neither see forms with their eyes nor hear sounds with their ears (M.iii.298).He is perhaps identical with Pārāpariya Thera.

3.PārāsariyaA brahmin teacher of Takkasilā,mentioned in the Cūlānandiya Jātaka.J.ii.202.

4.PārāsariyaThe Bodhisatta born as a teacher of Takkasilā (J.iii.160).His family name was Pārāsariya (Ibid.,161).For details see the Dhonasākha Jātaka.

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