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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
mantar:m.[<mant] 賢者,賢人.nom.mantā,manta.mantā- bhāsā 聡慧語.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Mantar,[n.ag.of mant,cp.Sk.*mantṛ a thinker] a sage,seer,wise man,usually appositionally Nom.mantā “as a sage,” “like a thinker,” a form which looks like a fem.and is mostly expld as such by the Commentaries.Mantā has also erroneously been taken as Instr.of manta,or as a so-called ger.of manteti,in which latter two functions it has been expld at “jānitvā.” The form has evidently puzzled the old commentators,as early as the Niddesa; through the Abhp (153,979) it has come down at mantā “wisdom” to Childers.Kern,Toev.s.v.hesitates and only comes half near the truth.The Index to Pj.marks the word with? ‹-› S.I,57 (+dhīra; trsln “firm in doctrine”); Sn.159 (“in truth,” opp.to musā; SnA 204 explns m.=paññā; tāya paricchinditvā bhāsati),916 (mantā asmī ti,expld at SnA 562 by “mantāya”),1040=1042 (=Nd2 497 mantā vuccati paññā etc.); Vv 636 (expld as jānitvā paññāya paricchinditvā VvA.262).-- Besides this form we have a shortened manta (Nom.) at Sn.455 (akiñcano+),which is expld at SnA 402 as mantā jānitvā.It is to be noted that for manta-bhāṇin at Sn.850 the Nd1 219 reads mantā and expls customarily by “mantāya pariggahetvā vācaṁ bhāsati.” (Page 522)

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