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Maṁsa,【中】肉。maṁsapesi。【陰】肉片,肉臠ㄌㄨㄢˊ。maṁsapuñja,【陽】肉堆。世尊禁止比丘吃十種肉:人(manussa),象(hatthi),馬(assa),狗(sunakha),蛇(ahi),獅(sīha),虎(byaggha),豹(dīpi),熊(accha), 鬣狗(taraccha,土狼)(Vin.Mv.218~220)。世尊允許吃三凈肉,第一、眼不見殺,第二、耳不聞殺,第三、不為己所殺。
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Maṁsa,(nt.) [cp.Vedic māṁsa,fr.Idg.*memsro-,as in Gr.mhrόs thigh,Lat.membrum limb (“member”); Goth.mims flesh; Oir mīr bite,bit (of flesh)] flesh,meat S.II,97 (putta°); Dh.152; J.III,184; Pug.55; Vism.258,357 (in compar.); DhA.I,375 (putta°); II,51 (alla° living flesh); VbhA.58,61 (pilotika-paliveṭhita).Described and defined in detail as one of the 32 ākāras or constituents of the human body at Vism.252,354; KhA 46; VbhA.235.

--ûpasecana sauce for meat J.III,144=VI,24; DhA.I,344.--kalyāṇa beauty of flesh,one of the 5 beauties of a girl (see kalyāṇa) J.I,394; DhA.I,387.--khādaka flesh-eater J.VI,530.--cakkhu the bodily eye,one of the 5 kinds of the sense of sight (see cakkhu III) D.III,219; Nd1 100,354.--dhovanī odaka water for washing meat KhA 54.--piṇḍika a meat-ball,lump of flesh Vism.256.--puñja a heap of flesh Vism.361 (in comp.); VbhA.67.--pesi a piece of flesh or meat (see on simile J.P.T.S.1907,122) Vin.II,25; III,105 (°ṁ vehāsaṁ gacchantiṁ addasaṁ); M.I,143; A.III,97; Miln.280; Vism.195,252,468; DhA.I,164; VbhA.235; --lohita flesh & blood Dh.150.(Page 511)

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