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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
mātar:f.[〃] 母.nom.mātā; gen.dat.mātu,mātuyā,mātāya; acc.mātaraṃ; instr.mātarā; loc.mātari; abl.mātito.mātaraṃ jīvitā voropeti 生命から母を奪う,母の命を奪う,母を殺す.mātā jīvitā voropitā hoti.母は生命から奪われる,母は殺される.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Mātar,(f.) [Vedic mātā,stem mātar°,Av.mātar-,Gr.mήthr (Doric mάthr) Lat.māter,Oir.māthir,Ohg.muoter,Ags.modor=mother; Cp.further Gr.mήtra uterus,Lat.mātrix id.,Sk.mātṛkā mother,grandmother,Ger.mieder corset.From Idg.*ma,onomat.part.,cp.“mamma”] mother.-- Cases:Nom.sg.mātā Sn.296; Dh.43; J.IV,463; V,83; VI,117; Nd2 504 (def.as janikā); Gen.mātu Th.1,473; Vin.I,17; J.I,52; mātuyā J.I,53; Mhvs 10,80; PvA.31; and mātāya J.I,62; Dat.mātu Mhvs 9,19; Acc.mātaraṁ Sn.60,124; Dh.294; Instr.mātarā Th.2,212; Loc.mātari Dh.284 -- pl.does not occur.In combn with pitā father,mātā always precedes the former,thus mātā-pitaro (pl.) “mother & father” (see below).--mātito (Abl.-adv.) from the mother’s side (cp.pitito) D.I,113; A.III,151; PvA.29.-- On mātā in simile see J.P.T.S.1907,122; cp.Vism.321 (simile of a mother’s solicitude for her children).Similarly the pop.etym.of mātā is given,with “mamāyatī ti mātā” at VbhA.107.-- The 4 bases of m.in compn are:mātā° māti° mātu° & matti°.-- 1.mātā°:--pitaro mother & father D.III,66,188 sq.; Sn.404; Miln.12.See also pitā --pitika having mother & father DhA.II,2.--pitiṭṭhāna place of m.& f.DhA.II,95.--pettika having m.& f.,of m.& f.Nd2 385 (nāma-gotta).--petti-bhāra supporting one’s m.& f.S.I,228; J.I,202; VI,498.--maha maternal grandfather J.IV,146; DhA.I,346.-- 2.māti°:--devatā protector or guardian of one’s mother J.III,422 (gloss:mātu-devatā viya).--pakkha the mother’s side DhA.I,4 (+pitipakkha).--posaka supporting one’s m.J.III,422 (v.l.mātu°).-- 3.mātu°:--upaṭṭhāna (spelt mātupaṭṭh°) reverence towards one’s m.DhA.IV,14.--kucchi m’s womb D.II,12; Vism.560 (°gata); VbhA.96; DhA.I,127.--gāma “genex feminarum,” womanfolk,women (collectively cp.Ger,frauen-zimmer) A.II,126; Vin.IV,175; M.I,448,462; III,126; S.IV,239 sq.; J.I,201; III,90,530.(pl.°gāmā p.531); Pug.68; SnA 355; PvA.271; VvA.77.--ghāta & (usually) °ka a matricide (+pitu-ghātaka; see abhiṭhāna) Vin.I,168,320; Miln.310; Tikp 167 sq.; VbhA.425.--ghātikamma matricide Tikp.281.--bhūta having been his mother PvA.78.--mattin (see matta1 4) whatever is a mother S.IV,110 (°īsu mātucittaṁ upaṭṭhapeti foster the thought of mother towards whatever is a mother,where in sequence with bhaginī-mattin & dhītumattin).--hadaya a mother’s heart PvA.63.-- 4.matti°: see matti-sambhava.(Page 527)

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