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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Lankā:Pāli names for Ceylon,found in the Chronicles - e.g.,Dipavamsa,Mahāvamsa and the Commentaries.

An ancient tradition recorded in the Mahāvamsa (Mhv.xv.57ff),and in the Samantapāsādikā (Sp.i.86ff),gives the names of the Island in the times of the three previous Buddhas,the names of the capital cities,the different names of Mahāmeghavana,and of the kings contemporary with these Buddhas.

Thus,in the time of Kakusandha,the Island was called Ojadīpa,the king was Abhaya,the capital Abhayapura and Mahāmeghavana,Mahātittha. In the time of Konāgamana,the Island was Varadīpa,the capital Vaddhamāna,the king Samiddha and the park Mahānoma. In the time of Kassapa,the Island was Mandadīpa,the king Jayanta,the capital Visālā and the park Mahāsāgara.Besides Mahāmeghavana,the other physical feature of Ceylon,mentioned in these accounts,is the mountain known in the present age as Sumanakūta,whereon the Buddha Gotama placed his footprint.During the ages of the three previous Buddhas,it was known,respectively,as Devakūta,Sumanakūtaka and Subhakūta.Gotama paid three visits to Ceylon,while the other three Buddhas came only once.During their visits they consecrated various spots by spending there a short time wrapt in meditation.

Lankā was once inhabited by Yakkhas.Gotama Buddha obliged them to leave the Island and seek shelter in the neighboring Giridīpa.Lankādīpa was later colonized by Vijaya and his three hundred companions.Two cities of the Yakkhas are mentioned:Sirīsavatthu and Lankāpura.

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