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Kiṁsuka,(kiṁ+su+ka,lit.“whatever-like,” or “what do you call it,”),【陽】甄叔迦花,緊叔迦花,膠蟲樹(Butea Frondosa;Flame-of-the-forest(不是火焰木),原產於熱帶亞洲,蝶形花科;型態:株高可達8~15公尺,幹易彎曲,葉全緣,葉正面平滑,背面被毛茸,厚紙質,有羽狀側脈6對,葉正面濃綠色,背面淺綠,有拖葉。用途:為優良之園景樹、行道樹。東印度產的一種喬木,佛經稱此樹「葉青色,花三色」,意指日出之前,花黑色;日照之時,花赤色;日沒之時,花黃色。在印度、斯裏蘭卡被視為神聖的宗教植物。Santals人並使用其雄花灰燼為避孕藥,但俾爾族人(Bhil,東印度西部及中印度善射之原始民族)卻將樹心搗成泥做為墮胎藥。Santals人使用膠蟲樹(Butea monosperma)種子磨粉敷療傷處。),古譯作:緊獸(S IV.193.)。
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Kiṁsuka,[kiṁ+su+ka] N.of a tree (creeper),lit.“whatever-like,” or “what do you call it,” i.e.strange tree (see kiṁ su & kiṁ 3),pop.name for the Butea frondosa S.IV,193 (parable of the k.); J.II,265 (°opama-jātaka); V,405; VI,536.Perhaps v.l.at SnA 284.

--puppha the (red) flower of the k.tree Vism.252.--vaṇṇa of the colour of the k.(flower) J.I,73 (aṅgārā ashes).(Page 213)

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