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Kathaṁ,【副】如何? kathaṁkathā,【陰】疑慮,疑惑,不確定。kathaṁkathī,【形】疑心的人。kathaṁkara,【形】如何做,做什麼的? kathaṁbhūta,【形】什麼種類的? 什麼樣的? kathaṁvidha,kathaṁpakāra,【形】什麼類型? kathaṁsīla,【形】什麼戒的? kathaṁ krtva?何以故?
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Kathaṁ,(adv.) [cp.Vedic kathaṁ & kathā] dubit.interr.part.1.how; with ind.pres.PvA.6 (k.puriso paṭilabhati),or with fut.& cond.J.I,222; II,159 (k.tattha gamissāmi); VI,500; PvA.54 (na dassāmi) -- 2.why,for what reason? J.III,81; V,506.Combined with --ca Vin.I,114; II,83.--carahi D.II,192.--nu & --nu kho Vin.II,26,J.III,99; IV,339; Nd2 189,see also evaṁ nu kho.--pana D.II,163.--su Nd2 189.--hi J.IV,339; DhA.I,432.--hi nāma Vin.I,45; II,105; III,137; IV,300; all in the same meaning; --ci (kathañci) scarcely,with difficulty Th.1,456.

--kathā “saying how? how?” i.e.doubt,uncertainty,unsettled mind (cp.kaṅkhā); expl.as vicikicchā dukkhe kaṅkhā Nd2 190; D.II,282; Sn.500,866,1063,1088; DhA.IV,194; as adj.and at end of cpd.°-katha,e.g.vigata° (in phrase tiṇṇa-vicikiccha ...vesārajjappatta) D.I,110=Vin.I,12; tiṇṇa° (+ visalla) Sn.17,86,367.k-k-salla “the arrow of doubt” D.II,283 (vicikicchā +).--kathin having doubts,unsettled,uncertain D.II,287; M.I,8; Nd2 191; DhsA.352; free from doubt,Ep.of Arahant (expld DA.I,211:“not saying how and how is this?”); M.I,108; It.49; Sn.534,635,868,1064; in phrases tiṇṇa-vicikiccho viharati akathaṅkathī kusalesu dhammesu D.I,71=Pug.59,jhāyī anejo a° Dh.414 (:DhA.IV,194)=Sn.638.--kara (adj.) how acting,what doing? k.ahaṁ no nirayam pateyyaṁ (“ti/ poiώn makaρios e)ζomai”) J.IV,339; Sn.376; J.IV,75; V,148.--jīvin leading what kind of life? Sn.181.--dassin holding what views? Sn.848 (see °sīla).--pakāra of what kind Vin.I,358; Sn.241 (:kathappakāra).--paṭipanna going what way,i.e.how acting? D.II,277,279,281.--bhāvita how cultivated or practised? S.V,119.--bhūta “how being,” of what sort,what like D.II,139,158; --rūpa of what kind? M.I,218; A.I,249; III,35; J.III,525.--vaṇṇa of what appearance,what like? D.II,244.--vidha what sort of? J.V,95,146; DhsA.305.--sameta how constituted? Sn.873.--sīla of what character or conduct? how in his morality? Sn.848 (kathaṁdassī kathaṁsīlo upasanto ti vuccati).(Page 183)

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