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PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Kammaka,(adj.) [fr.kamma] connected with,dependt on karma Miln.137 (a°). Kammanīya °iya & kammañña (adj.) “workable,” fit for work,dexterous,ready,wieldy.Often of citta “with active mind” in formula vigatūpakkilesa mudubhūta k° ṭhita ānejjappatta D.I,76,etc.=M.I,22= Pug.68; S.III,232; V,92,233; A.I,9; DhA.I,289; Bdhd 101,expld at Vism.377 (°iya).Further of citta (muduñ ca kammaññañ ca pabhassarañ ca) A.I,257 (reads °iyañ)=Vism.247; of upekhā and sati Nd2 661,cp.Bdhd 104; of kāya & citta Bdhd 121.Said of a lute=workable,ready for playing A.III,375=Vin.I,182.Of the body A.IV,335.-- not ready,sluggish A.IV,333; Vism.146.-- kammañña-bhāva the state of being workable,readiness,of kāya Dhs.46,of vedanā,etc.,Dhs.326,of citta DhsA.130,see next; unworkable condition DhsA.130.(Page 194)

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