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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Kajangala:A township which formed the eastern boundary of theMajjhimadesa.

Beyond it was Mahāsālā (Vin.i.197; DA.i.173; MA.i.316,etc.; AA.i.55,etc.; J.i.49; Mbv.12).

In the Buddha’s time it was a prosperous place where provisions could easily be obtained (dabbasambhārasulabhā) (J.iv.310).Once when theBuddha was staying in theVeluvana at Kajangala,the lay followers there heard a sermon from the Buddha and went to the nun Kajangalā to have it explained in detail (A.v.54f).

On another occasion the Buddha stayed in theMukheluvana and was visited there byUttara,the disciple of Pārāsariya.Their conversation is recorded in the Indriyabhāvānā Sutta (M.iii.298ff).

In the Milindapañha (p.10),Kajangala is described as a brahmin village and is given as the place ofNāgasena’s birth.In theKapota Jātaka mention is made of Kajangala,and the scholiast (J.iii.226-7) explains that it may be the same asBenares.According to the scholiast of theBhisa Jātaka (J.iv.311),the tree-spirit mentioned in that story was the chief resident monk in an old monastery in Kajangala,which monastery he repaired with difficulty during the time ofKassapa Buddha.

Kajangala is identified with the Kie-chu-hoh-khi-lo ofHiouen Thsang,which he describes as a district about two thousand li in circumference.(Beal,Bud.Records,ii.193,and n.; see also Cunningham,A.G.I.723).It may also be identical with the town Pundavardhana mentioned in the Divyāvadāna (p.21f).The Avadānasataka (ii.41) calls it Kacangalā.

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