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Kaṁsa,[cp.Sk.kaṁsa; of uncertain etym.,perhaps of Babylonian origin,cp.hirañña] 1.bronze Miln.2; magnified by late commentators occasionally into silver or gold.Thus J.VI,504 (silver) and J.I,338; IV,107; VI,509 (gold),considered more suitable to a fairy king.-- 2.a bronze gong Dh.134 (DhA.III,58).-- 3.a bronze dish J.I,336; āpānīya° a bronze drinking cup,goblet M.I.316.-- 4.a “bronze,” i.e.a bronze coin worth 4 kahāpaṇas Vin.IV,255,256.See Rhys Davids,Coins and Measures §§ 12,22.-- “Golden bronze” in a fairy tale at Vv 54 is explained by Dhammapāla VvA.36 as “bells.” -- It is doubtful whether brass was known in the Gaṅges valley when the earlier books were composed; but kaṁsa may have meant metal as opposed to earthenware.See the compounds.

--upadahārana (n.a.) metal milk-pail (?) in phrase:dhenusahassāni dukūla-sandanāni (?) kaṁsūpadhāraṇām D.II,192; A.IV,393; J.VI,503 (expld at 504).Kern (Toev.p.142) proposes correction to kaṁs’ûpadohana (=Sk.kāṁsy’opodohana),i.e.giving milk to the extent of a metal pailful.--kaṇṭaka metal thorns,bits of sharp metal,nails J.V,102 (cp.sakaṇṭaka) --kūta cheating with false or spurious metal D.I,5 (=DA.I,79:selling brass plates for gold ones).--tāla bronze gong DhA.I,389; DhsA.319 (°tāḷa); VvA.161 or cymbals J.VI,277.411.--thāla metal dish,as distinguished from earthenware D.I,74 (in simile of dakkho nahāpako=A.III,25) cp.DA.I,217; Vism.283 (in simile); DhA.III,57 (:a gong); DA.I,217; DhA.IV,67=J.III,224; reading at Miln.62 to be °tāla (see J.P.T.S.1886,122).--pattharika a dealer in bronze ware Vin.II,135.--pāti & pātī a bronze bowl,usually for food:M.I,25; A.IV,393; Sn.14; PvA.274.--pūra full of metal J.IV,107.--bhaṇḍa brass ware Vin.II,135.--bhājana a bronze vessel Vism.142 (in simile).--maya made of bronze Vin.I,190; II,112; --mallaka metal dish,e.g.of gold J.III,21.--loha bronze Miln.267.(Page 173)

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