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Ka°,(pron.interr.) [Sk.kaḥ,Idg.*qǔo besides *qui (see ki° & kiṁ) & *qǔu (see ku°).Cp.Av.ka-; Gr.pğ,pώs,poίos,etc.; Lat.quī; Oir.co-te; Cymr.pa; Goth.hvas,Ags.hwā (=E.who),Ohg.hwër] who? -- m.ko,f.kā (nt.kiṁ,q.v.); follows regular decl.of an atheme with some formations fr.ki°,which base is otherwise restricted to the nt.-- From ka° also nt.pl.kāni (Sn.324,961) & some adv.forms like kathaṁ,kadā,kahaṁ,etc.-- 1.(a) ka°:Nom.m.ko Sn.173,765,1024; J.I,279; Dh.146; f. J.VI,364; PvA.41; Gen.sg.kassa Miln.25; Instr.kena; Abl.kasmā (nt.) as adv.“why” Sn.883,885; PvA.4,13,63,etc.-- (b) ki° (m.& f.; nt.see kiṁ):Gen.sg.kissa Dh.237; J.II,104.ko-nāmo (of) what name Miln.14; DhA.II,92,occurs besides kin-nāmo Miln.15.--kvattho what (is the) use Vv 5010 stands for ko attho.-- All cases are freq.emphasized by addition of the affirm.part.nu & su.e.g.ko su’dha tarati oghaṁ (who then or who possibly) Sn.173; kena ssu nivuto loko “by what then is the world obstructed?” Sn.1032; kasmā nu saccāni vadanti ...Sn.885.‹-› 2.In indef.meaning combd with --ci (Sk.cid:see under ca 1 and ci°):koci kāci,etc.,whoever,some (usually with neg.na koci,etc.,equalling “not anybody”),nt.kiñci (q.v.); e.g.mā jātu koci lokasmiṁ pāpiccho It.85; no yāti koci loke Dh.179; n’âhaṁ bhatako ‘smi kassaci Sn.25; na hi nassati kassaci kammaṁ “nobody’s trace of action is lost” Sn.666; kassaci kiñci na (deti) (he gives) nothing to anybody VvA.322; PvA.45.-- In Sandhi the orig.d of cid is restored,e.g.app’eva nāma kocid eva puriso idh’agaccheyya,“would that some man or other would come here!” PvA.153.‹-› Also in correl.with rel.pron.ya (see details under ya°):yo hi koci gorakkhaṁ upajīvati kassako so na brāhmano (whoever-he) Sn.612.See also kad°.(Page 173)

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