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Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
iddhi-pāda:'roads to power' (or success) are the 4 following qualities,"for as guides,they indicate the road to power connected therewith; and because they form,by way of preparation,the roads to the power constituting the fruition of the path" (Vis.M.XII),namely:concentration of intention (chanda-samādhi) accompanied by effort of will (padhāna-saṅkhāra-samannāgata),concentration of energy (viriya-samādhi) ...concentration of consciousness (citta-samādhi) ...and concentration of investigation (vimaṃsa-samādhi) accompanied by effort of will." As such,they are supermundane (lokuttara,i.e.connected with the path or the fruition of the path; s.ariyapuggala) But they are mundane (lokiya,q.v.) as predominant factors (adhipati; s.paccaya 3),for it is said:Because the monk,through making intention a predominant factor,reaches concentration,it is called the concentration of intention (chanda-samādhi),etc." (Vis.M.XII).

"These 4 roads of power lead to the attaining and acquiring of magical power,to the power of magical transformation,to the generation of magical power,and to mastery and skill therein" (Pts.M.II.205,PTS).For a detailed explanation,s.Vis.M.XII.

"Once the monk has thus developed and often practised the 4 roads to power,he enjoys various magical powers,...hears with the divine ear heavenly and human sounds,...perceives with his mind the mind of other beings ...remembers many a former existence ...perceives with the divine eye beings passing away and reappearing,...attains,after the extinction of cankers,deliverance of mind and deliverance through wisdom,free from.cankers....(S.LI,2).For a detailed explanation of these 6 higher powers,s.abhiññā

"Whosoever,o monks,has missed the 4 roads to power,he has missed the right path leading to the extinction of suffering; but whosoever,o monks,has reached the 4 roads to power,he has reached the right path leading to the extinction of suffering" (S.LI,2).

See the chapter on Iddhipāda in The Requisites of Enlightenment by Ledi Sayadaw (WHEEL 169/172).

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