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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
iddhi:f.[Sk.BSk.ṛddhi] 神通,神變.-pāda 神足,如意足.-mant 已有神變的.-vidhā 種々的神變.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
iddhi:f.[Sk.BSk.ṛddhi] 神通,神変.-pāda 神足,如意足.-mant 神変を有せる.-vidhā 種々の神変.
《巴漢詞典》Mahāñāṇo Bhikkhu編著
Iddhi,【陰】 繁榮,效力,神通。 ~pāda,【陽】 (四)神足,神通力的根基。 ~bala,【中】 神通力。 ~mantu,【形】 有神通的。 ~visaya,【陽】神通的範圍。(p62)
Iddhi,(Vedic rddhi from ardh,to prosper; Pāḷi ijjhati),【陰】繁榮,效力,神通。iddhapāda,【陽】(四)神足,神通力的根基。iddhabala,【中】神通力。iddhamantu,【形】有神通的。iddhavisaya,【陽】神通的範圍。iddhānubhāva,神通,魔術(power or majesty of thaumaturgy)。iddhābhisaṅkhāra,現神通(exercise of any of the psychic powers)。tathārūpaṁiddhānubhāvaṁ(abhisaṅkharoti),(現行)如其像神通威力。又作:如其像定(好像雕像不動而入定)。mahiddhiko,大神通者(S.21.5./II,279.)。
Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
iddhi: iddhi(thī)
Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
iddhi:Most,or perhaps all,of the 10 terms listed at Vis.M.XII,as adhiṭṭhāna ,etc.,are absent in the older sutta texts.In Pts.M.(II,205-214),however,they are enumerated in due order and minutely explained.The magical powers indicated by these terms are,nevertheless,for the most part explicitly described already in the oldest sutta texts.Cf.D.34; M.3; A.III,99,etc.
Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
iddhi:'power','magical power'.The magical powers constitute one of the 6 kinds of higher spiritual powers (abhiññā,q.v.).One distinguishes many kinds of magical powers:the power of determination (adhiṭṭhāniddhi),i.e.the power of becoming oneself manifold; the power of transformation (vikubbaniddhi),i.e.the power of adopting another form; the power of spiritual creation (manomayiddhi),i.e.the power of letting issue from this body another mentally produced body; the power of penetrating knowledge (ñāṇa-vipphariddhi),i.e.the power of inherent insight to remain unhurt in danger; the power of penetrating concentration (samādhivipphariddhi) producing the same result.The magical powers are treated in detail in Vis.M.XII; Pts.M.,Vibh.- (App.).They are not a necessary condition for final deliverance.

'Noble power' (ariyiddhi) is the power of controlling one's ideas in such a way that one may consider something not repulsive as repulsive and something repulsive as not repulsive,and remain all the time imperturbable and full of equanimity.This training of mind is frequently mentioned in the Suttas (e.g.M.152,A.V.144),but only once the name of ariyiddhi is applied to it (D.28).See further Pts.M.,Iddhi-kathā,Vis.M.XII.
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
iddhi:[f.] prosperity; potency; psychic power.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Iddhi,[Vedic ṛddhi from ardh,to prosper; Pali ijjhati].There is no single word in English for Iddhi,as the idea is unknown in Europe.The main sense seems to be “potency” .-- 1.Pre-Buddhistic; the Iddhi of a layman.The four Iddhis of a king are personal beauty,long life,good health,and popularity (D.II,177; M.III,176,cp.J.III,454 for a later set).The Iddhi of a rich young noble is 1.The use of a beautiful garden,2.of soft and pleasant clothing,3.of different houses for the different seasons,4.of good food,A.I,145.At M.I,152 the Iddhi of a hunter,is the craft and skill with which he captures game; but at p.155 other game have an Iddhi of their own by which they outwit the hunter.The Iddhi,the power of a confederation of clans,is referred to at D.II,72.It is by the Iddhi they possess that birds are able to fly (Dhp 175).-- 2.Psychic powers.including most of those claimed for modern mediums (see under Abhiññā).Ten such are given in a stock paragraph.They are the power to project mind-made images of oneself; to become invisible; to pass through solid things,such as a wall; to penetrate solid ground as if it were water; to walk on water; to fly through the air; to touch sun and moon; to ascend into the highest heavens (D.I,77,212; II,87,213; III,112,281; S.II,121; V,264,303; A.I,170,255; III,17,28,82,425; V,199; Ps.I,111; II,207; Vism.378 sq.,384; DA.I,122).For other such powers see S.I,144; IV,290; V,263; A.III,340.-- 3.The Buddhist theory of Iddhi.At D.I,213 the Buddha is represented as saying:“It is because I see danger in the practice of these mystic wonders that I loathe and abhor and am ashamed thereof” .The mystic wonder that he himself believed in and advocated (p.214) was the wonder of education.What education was meant in the case of Iddhi,we learn from M.I,34; A.III,425,and from the four bases of Iddhi,the Iddhipādā.They are the making determination in respect of concentration on purpose,on will,on thoughts & on investigation (D.II,213; M.I,103; A.I,39,297; II,256; III,82; Ps.I,111; II 154,164,205; Vbh.216).It was ar offence against the regulations of the Saṅgha for a Bhikkhu to display before the laity these psychic powers beyond the capacity of ordinary men (Vin.II,112).And falsely to claim the possession of such powers involved expulsion from the Order (Vin.III,91).The psychic powers of Iddhi were looked upon as inferior (as the Iddhi of an unconverted man seeking his own profit),compared to the higher Iddhi,the Ariyan Iddhi (D.III,112; A.I,93; Vin.II,183).There is no valid evidence that any one of the ten Iddhis in the above list actually took place.A few instances are given,but all are in texts more than a century later than the recorded wonder.And now for nearly two thousand years we have no further instances.Various points on Iddhi discussed at Dial.I.272,3; Cpd.60 ff.; Expositor 121.Also at Kvu 55; Ps.II,150; Vism.XII; DhA.I,91; J.I,47,360.

--ânubhāva (iddhånu°) power or majesty of thaumaturgy Vin 31,209,240; III,67; S I 147; IV,290; PvA.53.--âbhisaṅkhāra (iddhåbhi°) exercise of any of the psychic powers Vin.I,16,17,25; D.I,106; S.III,92; IV,289; V,270; Sn.p.107; PvA.57,172 212.--pāṭihāriya a wonder of psychic power Vin.I,25,28,180,209; II,76,112,200; D.I,211,212; III,3,4,9,12 sq.,27; S.IV,290; A.I,170,292; Ps.II,227.--pāda constituent or basis of psychic power Vin.II,240; D.II,103,115 sq.,120; III,77,102,127,221; M.II,11; III,296; S.I,116,132; III,96,153; IV,360; V,254,255,259 sq.,264 sq.,269 sq.,275,285; A.IV,128 sq.,203,463; V,175; Nd1 14,45 (°dhīra),340 (°pucchā); Nd1 s.v.; Ps.I,17,21,84; II,56,85 sq.,120,166,174; Ud.62; Dhs.358,528,552; Nett 16,31,83; DhsA.237; DhA.III,177; IV,32.--bala the power of working wonders VvA.4; PvA.171.--yāna the carriage (fig.) of psychic faculties Miln.276.--vikubbanā the practice of psychic powers Vism.373 sq.--vidhā kinds of iddhi D.I,77,212; II,213; III,112,281; S.II,121; v.264 sq.,303; A.I,170 sq.,255; III,17,28,82 sq.,425 sq.; V,199; Ps.I,111; II,207; Vism.384; DA.I,222.--visaya range or extent of psychic power Vin.III,67; Nett 23.(Page 120)
Pali-Dictionary Vipassana Research Institute
iddhi:Prosperity,power,majesty; supernatural power,magical power,miraculous faculty; a miracle
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
IDDHI:[f] sự thần thông,sự phát đạt,thế lực --pāda [m] thần túc --bala [nt] thần thông lực --mantu [a] có thần thông --visaya [m] quyền lực của pháp thần thông
Pali Viet Abhidhamma Terms Từ điển các thuật ngữ Vô Tỷ Pháp của ngài Tịnh Sự, được chép từ phần ghi chú thuật ngữ trong các bản dịch của ngài.
iddhi:thần thông,phép màu,sự như ý
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
(က) တန္ခိုး၊ အရွိန္အဟုန္၊ အစြမ္း၊ အာႏုေဘာ္။ (ခ) အလိုဆႏၵ၏ ၿပီးစီးထေျမာက္ ေအာင္ျမင္ျခင္း။ (ဂ) ေကာင္းမႈကုသိုလ္၏-တန္ခိုး-အရွိန္အဟုန္-အက်ိဳးတရား။ (ဃ) စည္းစိမ္ခ်မ္းသာ၏ ျပည့္စုံျခင္း။ (င) ၿပီးစီးထေျမာက္ေသာ-ေရာက္အပ္ရအပ္ေသာ-အရာဝတၳဳ-သေဘာတရား။ (စ) ၿပီးစီး-ျဖစ္ပြါး-ေစတတ္ေသာအေၾကာင္းဥပါယ္ (သင့္ေလ်ာ္ေသာ အားထုတ္ျခင္း)။ (ဆ) သတၱဝါတို႔ ႀကီးပြါးတိုးတက္ေၾကာင္း သေဘာတရား။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
iddhi:ဣဒၶိ (ဣ) (√ဣဓ္+တိ)
ျပည့္စံုျခင္း။ တန္ခိုး။ ပုထုဇဥ္တို႔၏တန္ခိုး။ ငဖံုးေဆး။

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