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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Gokanna:1.Gokanna.-A locality in Ceylon and a vihāra founded by Mahāsena,on the site of a Hindu temple (Mhv.xxxvii.41).According to the Mahāvamsa Tīkā (p.685),it was on the east coast of Ceylon.Elsewhere (p.269),the Tīkā speaks of a Gokannatittha in the neighbourhood of the estuary of the Mahākandara-nadī,and the Cūlavamsa (lxxi.18) mentions Gokanna as the last of a series of fords in Rohana,important from a strategic point of view,along the Mahā-vālkaugangā,from ”Sarogāmatittha to Gokanna.” In another passage (Cv.xli.79),Gokanna(ka) is spoken of as mahannava (the ocean).These facts support Geiger’s conjecture (Cv.Trs.i.59,4; n.316,n.2) that Gokanna refers to the Trincomalee (Koddiyar) Bay at the estuary of the Mahāvālukagangā.

Gokanna(ka) is twice described as the scene of magic rites,once in the case of Mahānāga (Cv.xli.79) and again in that of Mānavamma (Cv.lvii.5).

Aggabodhi V.built a padhānaghara for the Gokanna-vihāra.Cv.xlviii.5.

2.Gokanna.-A general of Gajabāhu who defeated Kittisirimegha; he had his headquarters in Kālavāpi,of which place he was Nagaragiri.At a meeting between him and Parakkamabāhu at Buddhagāma,the latter won him over to his side.An amusing story is told of a dream he had after his promise of help to Parakkamabāhu (Cv.lxvi.47ff).He fled,therefore,to Kālavāpi and,on various occasions,offered battle to the forces of Parakkamabāhu,but everywhere he was defeated,the worst reverse being at Nīlagala by the general Māyāgeha.After that he built a fortification in Kālavāpi,where he lived in comparative quiet.The last we hear of him is of his incitement of Mānābharana to seize the throne (Cv.lxiii.34; lxvi.35ff,62; lxx.68,71,83,257).Geiger thinks (Cv.Trs i.255,n.3) that Gokanna is probably a clan name.

3.Gokanna.-A general of Parakkamabāhu I.mentioned among leaders of the expedition which he sent to South India.Cv.lxxvi.253,270,324-6.

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