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Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Giraggasamajjā:A festival held from time to time (kālānukālam) in Rājagaha.(Perhaps elsewhere as well.The BuA.p.102 says it was an annual festival held all over Jambudīpa and was as old as Dīpankara Buddha; see also J.iii.538).It was held in the open air in the afternoon and was attended by all people of all grades of society from Anga and Magadha.Special seats were prepared for the more eminent of the audience,and the festivities seem to have consisted chiefly of nautch dances (SNA.i.326).According to the Vinaya accounts (Vin.ii.107f,150; iv.85,267) there were also singing and music,and the festival was attended not only by laymen,but also by members of religious orders,for otherwise it is unlikely that the Sattarasavaggiyas and the Chabbaggiyas would have been there.Food was provided as well as amusements.Buddhaghosa (Sp.iv.831) explains the name of the festival thus:giraggasamajjo ti girimhi aggasamajjo girissa vā aggadese sammajo,and tells us that it was announced for seven days before its commencement,and was held on level ground under a shadow of a hill and outside the city.Perhaps it was originally a pagan religious festival,a survival of old exogamic communistic dancing (See Dial.i.7,n.4; VT.iii.71,n.3).

It was at a Giraggasamajjā that Sāriputta and Moggallāna decided to leave the world (DhA.i.73f.; AA.i.89,etc.).

The Sanskrit equivalent is Girivaggu-samāgama.AvS.ii.24.
Pali Viet Vinaya Terms Từ điển các thuật ngữ về luật do tỳ khưu Giác Nguyên sưu tầm.
giraggasamajjā:một loại lễ hội dã ngoại,có ăn uống ca múa tập thể,thường được tổ chức ngoài trời,đặc biệt tận dụng địa thế núi đồi tăng ni không được tham dự,tỳ khưu tội tác ác,tỳ khưu ni tội ba dật đề

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