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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
dhammika:a.m.[cf.dhammiya,Sk.dharmiya] 如法的,法師,持法者.-kamma 如法羯磨.-pāṭimokkhaṭhapana 如法遮說戒.-vāda 如法說.-samaṇa 持法沙門.-sāmaggī 如法和合.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
dhammika:a.m.[cf.dhammiya,Sk.dharmiya] 如法の,法師,持法者.-kamma 如法羯磨.-pāṭimokkhaṭhapana 如法遮説戒.-vāda 如法説.-samaṇa 持法沙門.-sāmaggī 如法和合.
Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
[dhamma+ṇika.(dhāmaka-saṃ,dhammiaç dhammika-prā)]
[ဓမၼ+ဏိက။ (ဓာမက-သံ၊ ဓမၼိအ,ဓမၼိက-ျပာ)]
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
dhammika:[adj.] righteous.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Dhammika,(adj.) [=Sk.dharmya,cp.dhammiya] lawful,according to the Dh.or the rule; proper,fit,right; permitted,legitimate,justified; righteous,honourable,of good character,just,esp.an attr.of a righteous King (rājā cakkavattī dhammiko dhammarājā) D.I,86; II,16; A.I,109=III,149; J.I,262,263; def.by Bdhgh as “dhammaṁ caratī ti dh.” (DA.I,237) & “dhammena caratī ti dh.,ñāyena samena pavattalī ti” (ib.249).‹-› Vin.IV,284; D.I,103; S.II,280 (dhammikā kathā); III,240 (āhāra); IV,203 (dhammikā devā,adh° asurā); A.I,75; III,277; Sn.404; DhA.II,86 (dohaḷa); IV,185 (°lābha); PvA.25 (=suddha,manohara).Also as saha-dh° (esp.in conn.w.pañha,a justified,reasonable,proper question:D.I,94; S.IV,299 in detail) Vin.IV,141; D.I,161; III,115; A.I,174.-- unjust,illegal etc.Vin.IV,285; S.IV,203; A.III,243.(Page 339)
Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Dhammika:1.Dhammika Thera.-A brahmin of Kosala who was converted at the presentation of Jetavana and entered a village vihāra.As he became irritated when monks visited the vihāra they desisted,and he became sole master of the vihāra.When this was reported to the Buddha by a layman,the Buddha sent for him and preached to him the Rukkhadhamma Jātaka,showing that in the past,too,he had been guilty of similar conduct.Dhammika concentrated on the verses of the Jātaka and,developing insight,became an arahant.

In the time of Sikhī Buddha he had been a hunter and had listened to the Buddha preaching to an assembly of the gods in a forest.

Thag.303-6; ThagA.i.396ff.According to A.iii.366ff.Dhammika had to leave seven lodgings,one after the other,because the lay supporters of the lodgings could not tolerate his insulting ways.He therefore sought the Buddha and complained to him.The Rukkhadhamma Jātaka mentioned here is evidently not the story of the same name mentioned in the Jātaka Commentary (i.327ff.).The story is given in full in the Anguttara Nikāya (loc.cit.).There the Buddha is said to have related to him stories of several past teachers,showing the evil effects of reviling others.

He may be identical with Ghosasaññaka of the Apadāna (Ap.ii.451).

2.Dhammika.-A householder of Sāvatthi who led a very holy life.One day he felt the wish to become a monk and spoke of it to his wife,but she begged him to wait until after the birth of their child.He waited till the child was able to walk and,then spoke again to her,but she then wished him to wait until the child should be of age.To this he would not agree,but joined the Order and soon after became an arahant.Later,he visited his family and preached to his son,who became a monk and attained arahantship.His mother,left alone,joined the nuns,becoming an arahant herself.DhA.ii.157-9.

3.Dhammika.-An eminent lay disciple of Sāvatthi,a very learned man and an anāgāmī.He had five hundred followers,all anāgāmī,who,like himself,could travel through the air (SNA.i.367).He was one of those who possessed sekhapatisambhidā (Vsm.442; VibhA.388).See also Dhammika Sutta 2.

4.Dhammika.-One of the chief lay supporters of Piyadassī Buddha.Bu.xiv.22.

5.Dhammika.-King of Siam,contemporary of Kittisirirājasīha of Ceylon.He welcomed the delegation sent from Ceylon to Siam to bring back some monks,and gave it every help.On two occasions he sent groups of monks to Ceylon to re-establish ordination in that country,and the king of Ceylon,to show his gratitude,sent him a replica of the Tooth Relic and various other gifts.Cv.c.66,136,151,157.

6.Dhammika.-See DhA.i.129ff.The ”dhammika upāsaka” mentioned there is probably merely ”a righteous lay disciple” and not an upāsaka ”named Dhammika.”

7.Dhammika.-Name of a jackal in the Bilāra Jātaka.
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
DHAMMIKA:[a] ăn ở đạo đức (theo giáo lý)
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
[ဓမၼ+ဏိက။ (ဓာမက-သံ၊ ဓမၼိအ,ဓမၼိက-ျပာ)]
(၁) တရားရွိေသာ။ (၂) တရား-ႏွင့္-၌-ယွဉ္ေသာ။ (၃) (က) တရားကို က်င့္တတ္ေသာ။ (ခ) တရားသို႔အစဉ္လိုက္၍ က်င့္တတ္ေသာ။ (ဂ) တရား-သျဖင့္-ႏွင့္အညီ-က်င့္တတ္ေသာ။ (၄) တရား၌ၾကည္ညိဳေသာ။ (၅) (က) ကုသိုလ္ကမၼပထ ၁ဝ-ပါးတရားႏွင့္ ျပည့္စုံေသာ။ (ခ) ေလာကုတၱရာ ၉-ပါးတရားႏွင့္ ျပည့္စုံေသာ။ သာဓက-လည္းၾကည့္။ (၆) သူတစ္ပါးတို႔၏ အက်ိဳး ပရဟိတလုပ္ငန္းကို ျပဳလုပ္ ေဆာင္ရြက္တတ္ေသာ။ (၇) အဂတိမလိုက္စားေသာ၊ သူ။ (၈) (က) တရား-သျဖင္-ႏွင့္အညီ-ျဖစ္ေသာ-ရေသာ။ (ခ) တရားသျဖင့္ ေရာက္လာေသာ။ (ဂ) အျပစ္-မရွိ-ကင္း-ေသာ။ (၉) အေၾကာင္းတရားမွ မကင္းေသာ အက်ိဳးအေၾကာင္း ဆက္စပ္ေသာ။ (၁ဝ) တရား၏ဥစၥာ၊ တရားပိုင္ပစၥည္း။ (၁၁) ဓမၼိကေထရ္။ ဓမၼိကေတၳရ-ၾကည့္။ (၁၂) ဓမၼိကရဟန္း။ (၁၃) ဓမၼိကရေသ့။ (၁၄) ဓမၼိကပုဏၰား။ (၁၅) ဓမၼိကတိႆမင္း။ (၁၆) ဓမၼိကသီတင္းသည္။ ဓမၼိကဥပါသက-လည္းၾကည့္။ (၁၇) ဓမၼိကနတ္။ (၁၈) ဓမၼိကေရႊသမင္။ (၁၉) ဓမၼိကေျမေခြး။ (၂ဝ) ဓမၼိကက်ီးငွက္။ (၂၁) ဓမၼိကေတာင္။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
dhammika:ဓမၼိက (ပ)
တရားကို က်င့္ေသာသူ။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
dhammika:ဓမၼိက (တိ) (ဓမၼ+ဏိက)
တရားက်င့္သည္။ တရားေစာင့္သည္။ တရားႏွင့္ ေလ်ာ္သည္။ သေဘာဟုတ္မွန္သည္။
ဓမၼိေကန၊ တရားသေဘာျဖင့္။ တရားႏွင့္ ေလ်ာ္စြာ။

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