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This site is online Pāḷi Dictionary (Pāli to Chinese, Pāli to English, Pāli to Japanese, Pāli-Vietnamese, Pāli-Burmese). The source of the dictionaries come from Pali Canon E-Dictionary Version 1.94 (PCED). The source code of this website is at pali repository on GitHub, and the data of this website is at data repository on GitHub. Any suggestion or questions? Welcome to contact me.

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Dhaṁsati,[Ved.dhvaṁsati to fall to dust,sink down,perish; Idg.dheǔes to fly like dust,cp.Sk.dhūsara “dusky”; Ags.dust; Ger.dust & dunst; E.dusk & dust; prob.also Lat.furo] to fall from,to be deprived of (c.Abl.),to be gone D.III,184 (with Abl.asmā lokā dh.) A.II,67; V,76,77; It.11; Th.1,225,610; J.III,260,318,441,457; IV,611; V,218,375.-- Caus.dhaṁseti [Sk.dhvaṁsayati,but more likely=Sk.dharṣayati (to infest,molest= Lat.infestare.On similar sound-change P.dhaṁs°› Sk.dharṣ cp.P.daṁseti›Sk.darśayati).Caus.of dhṛṣṇoti to be daring,to assault cp.Gr.qaρsos audacious,bold,Lat.festus,Goth.gadars=E.dare; Ohg.gitar] to deprive of,to destroy,assault,importune D.I,211; S.III,123; Sn.591; J.III,353; Miln.227; Sdhp.357,434.Cp.pa°,pari°.(Page 334)

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