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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
dhītar:,dhītā f.[Sk.dhītā.cf.duhitṛ] 女兒,女孩,少女.sg.gen.dhītu; pl.nom.acc.dhītaro.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
dhītar:,dhītā f.[Sk.dhītā.cf.duhitṛ] 娘,女.sg.gen.dhītu; pl.nom.acc.dhītaro.
《水野弘元-巴利語辭典-勘誤表》 Bhikkhu Santagavesaka 覓寂尊者
dhītar:dhītā,dhītu,原:娘;女 訂正:女兒 頁碼:第134頁
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Dhītar,and Dhītā (f.) [Sk.dhītā,orig.pp.of dhayati to suck (cp.Lat.filia):see dhāta & dhātī,inflūenced in inflection by Sk.duhitṛ,although etymologically different] daughter Th.2,336 (in faith); J.I,152,253; VI,366; Pv.I,115; DhA.III,171,176; PvA.16,21,61,105.deva° a female deva (see deva) VvA.137 etc.; nattu° a granddaughter PvA.17; mātula° a niece PvA.55; rāja° a princess J.I,207; PvA.74.In compn dhītu.

--kkama one who is desirous of a daughter J.VI,307 (=dhītu atthāya vicarati Com.; v.l.dhītu-kāma); --dhītā granddaughter PvA.16.(Page 341)

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