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Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
citta-vīthi,as well as all terms for the various functions within the processes of conseiousness,such as āvajjana-cittasampaticchanasantīraṇavotthapanajavanatadārammaṇabhavaṅgacuti :none of these terms is found in the Sutta Canon.except javana ,in Pts.M.Even in the Ahh.Canon (e.g.Patth) only javana and bhavaṅga are twice or thrice briefly mentioned.The stages,however,must have been more or less known.Cf.e.g Patth: Cakkhu-viññāṇam taṃ saṃpayuttakā ca dhammā (= cetasikāmano-dhātuyā (performing the sampaṭicchana-function),taṃ saṃpayuttakānañ ca dhammānaṃcetasikānanianantara-paccayena paccayoMano-dhātu ...manoviññāṇa-dhātuyā (performing the santīraṇa and votthapana function)....Purimā purimā kusalā dhammājavanāpacchimānaṃ pacchimānaṃ kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃjavanacittānaṃanantara-paccayena paccayo ...avyākatānaṃ dhammānaṃtadārammaṇa-and bhavaṅga-cittānaṃ ....)."
Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
citta-vīthi:'process of consciousness'; s.viññāṇa-kicca.

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