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Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
ceto-vimutti:'deliverance of mind'.In the highest sense it signifies the fruition of Arahatship (s.ariya-puggala),and in particular,the concentration associated with it.It is often linked with the 'deliverance through wisdom' (paññā-vimutti,q.v.),e.g.in the ten powers of a Perfect One (s.dasa-bala).See vimokkha I.

It is also called 'unshakable deliverance of mind' (akuppa-cetovimutti); further 'boundless d.of m'.(appamāna-c.); 'd.of m.from the conditions of existence,or signless d.of m.' (animittā-cetovimutti.); 'd.of m.from the appendages' (ākincañña-cetovimutti),since that state of mind is free from the 3 bonds,conditions and appendants,i.e.from greed,hatred and ignorance; and since it is void thereof,it is called the 'void deliverance of mind' (suññatā-cetovimutti

In a more restricted sense,'boundless deliverance of mind' is a name for the 4 boundless states,i.e.loving-kindness,compassion,altruistic joy and equanimity (s.brahma-vihāra); 'd.of m.from the appendages' stands for the 'sphere of nothingness' (ākiñcaññāyatana s.jhāna 7); 'd.of mind from the conditions of existence',for d.of mind due to non-attention to all conditions of existence; 'void d.of m' for d.of m.due to contemplating voidness of self.For further details,s.M.43.

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