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Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
[canda+ā.ca+dā+a+ā.co viya cando viya passantānaṃ phusantānañca purisānaṃ rāgapītisomanassayuttaṃ manaṃdetīti candāti attho.niggahītāgamo niggahītassa ca vaggantanattaṃ.ekakkharakosa.ṭī.]
[စႏၵ+အာ။ စ+ဒါ+အ+အာ။ ေစာ ဝိယ စေႏၵာ ဝိယ ပႆႏၲာနံ ဖုသႏၲာနၪၥ ပုရိသာနံ ရာဂပီတိေသာမနႆယုတၱံ မနံေဒတီတိ စႏၵာတိ အေတၳာ။ နိဂၢဟီတာဂေမာ နိဂၢဟီတႆ စ ဝဂၢႏၲနတၱံ။ ဧကကၡရေကာသ။ ဋီ။]
Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Candā:1.Candā.-Wife of Sudinna and mother of Piyadassī Buddha (J.i.39).In the Buddhavamsa (xiv.15) she is called Sucandā.

2.Candā.-One of the two chief women disciples of Vipassī Buddha.J.i.41; Bu.xx.29.

3.Candā.-A kinnarī,wife of Canda,the Bodhisatta.See theCandakinnara Jātaka (J.iv.283ff).She is sometimes called Candī.E.g.,J.iv.284.

4.Candā.-Wife of Mahāpatāpa,king of Benares,and mother of Dhammapāla.She is identified with Mahā Pajāpatī Gotamī.For details see theCulla Dhammapāla Jātaka.J.iii.178-ff.

5.Candā.-Daughter of the Madda-king and chief consort of the ruler of Benares.She was the mother of Mūgapakkha (Temiya).For details see theMūgapakkha Jātaka.J.vi.1ff

6.Candā.-Chief consort of Candakumāra.She was the daughter of the Pañcāla king and the mother of Vāsula.It was her saccakiriyā which saved her husband from death.She is identified with Rāhulamātā.J.vi.151ff

7.Candā.-Chief consort of Sutasoma.She is identified with Rāhulamātā.J.v.177,182,192.

8.Candā Theri.-An arahant.She belonged to a brahmin family which bad fallen on evil days and she grew up in wretched poverty.Her kinsfolk having all died of plague,she eked out a living by begging from door to door.One day she came across Patācāra who had just finished eating.Patācāra,seeing her pitiable condition,gave her some food and,when she had eaten,discoursed to her.Delighted by Patācāra’s sermon,Candā renounced the world and soon afterwards attained arahantship.Thig.vs.122-26; ThigA.,p.120f.

9.Candā.-The kinnāri-maiden of whom Brahmadatta became enamoured,preferring her to his own wife,Asitābhū.VibhA.470f.; the Asitābhū Jātaka (J.ii.231f.) does not mention her name.
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
candā:စႏၵာ (ထီ)
[စႏၵ+အာ။ စ+ဒါ+အ+အာ။ ေစာ ဝိယ စေႏၵာ ဝိယ ပႆႏၲာနံ ဖုသႏၲာနၪၥ ပုရိသာနံ ရာဂပီတိေသာမနႆယုတၱံ မနံေဒတီတိ စႏၵာတိ အေတၳာ။ နိဂၢဟီတာဂေမာ နိဂၢဟီတႆ စ ဝဂၢႏၲနတၱံ။ ဧကကၡရေကာသ။ ဋီ။]
စႏၵာမည္ေသာမိန္းမ။ မူရင္းၾကည့္ပါ။

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