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Cātur°,(and cātu°) [see catur] consisting of four.Only in cpds.viz.

--(r)anta (adj.) “of four ends," i.e.covering or belonging to the 4 points of the compass,all-encircling,Ep.of the earth:J.II,343 (paṭhavī); IV,309 (mahī) --(n-m.) one who rules over the 4 points; i.e.over the whole world (of a Cakkavattin) D.I,88 (cp.DA.I,249); II,16; Sn.552.See also Sp.AvS.II,111,n.2; --kummāsa sour gruel with four ingredients VvA.308; --(d)dasī (f.) [to catuddasa fourteen] the 14th day of the lunar half month A.I,144.PvA.55; VvA.71,99,129.With pancadasī,aṭṭhamī & pāṭihāriyapakkha at Sn.402; Vv 155°dasika belonging to the 14th day at Vin.IV,315; --(d)disa (adj.) belonging to,or comprising the four quarters,appld to a man of humanitarian mind Sn.42 (“showing universal love," see Nd2 239); cp.RV X.136.Esp.appld to the bhikkhu-saṅgha “the universal congregation of bhikkhus" Vin I 305; II,147; D.I,145; J.I,93; Pv.II,28; III,214 (expld PvA.185 by catūhi disāhi āgata-bhikkhu-saṅgha).Cp.AvŚ I.266; II,109; --(d)dīpa of four continents:rājā Th.2,486; cp.M Vastu I.108,114; --(d)dīpaka sweeping over the whole earth (of a storm) Vin.I,290,cp.J.IV,314 & AvŚ I.258; --(b)bedā (pl.) the four Vedas Miln.3; --māsin of 4 months; f.°inī Vin.I,155; D.I,47; M.III,79; DA.I,139,cp.komudī; --(m)mahāpatha the place where 4 roads cross,a crossroad D.I,102,194=243; M.I,124; III,91; cp.catu°.--(m)mahābhūtika consisting of the 4 great elements (of kāya) D.I,34,55,186,195; S.II,94 sq.; Miln.379; cp.Av.Ś II.191 & Sk.cāṭurbhautika; --(m)mahārājikā (pl.) (sc.devā) the retinue of the Four Kings,inhabiting the lowest of the 6 devalokas Vin.I,12; III,18; D.I,215; Nd2 307 (under devā); J.II,311 (deva-loka); --yāma (saṁvara) fourfold restraint (see yāma) D.I,57,58 (cp.DA.I,167); III,48 sq.; S.I,66; M.I,377; Vism.410.Cp.Dial.I.75 n1.(Page 264)

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