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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
brahant:a.大きな,広大な,高い.sg.nom.brahā :(f.) brahatī; acc.brahantaṃ; pl.nom.Brahantā,brahā -ārañña.大きな林野.-vana 広大な林.-vaḷamiga 肉食の巨獣.
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Brahant,(adj.) [cp.Vedic bṛhant,of bṛh2 to increase,to be great or strong; paribṛdha solid (cp.brūha,paribrahaṇa & paribrūhana),Av.b∂r∂ƶat high; Arm.barjr high; Oir.brī,Cymr.bre mountain; Goth.baurgs “borough," Ohg.etc.burg “burgh," i.e.fortress; Ger.berg mountain.-- The fundamental notion is that of an increase above normal or the ordinary:vuddhi (of vṛdh) is used in explns of the term; thus Dhtp 344 (Dhtm 506) baha braha brūha=vuddhiyaṁ; VvA.278 brahā=vuddhā.Its use is almost entirely restricted to poetry] very great,vast,high,lofty,gigantic; Nom.sg.brahā Sn.410,550; Th.1,31; J.III,117 (=dīgha C.); IV,111 (su°); 647; Pv IV.310 (of a huge tree),Acc.sg.brahantaṁ A.III,346; VvA.182; Nom.pl.also brahantā Vv 524 (=mahantā VvA.224; of the Yama-dūtā or Death’s giant messengers).-- f.brahatl J.V,215 (=uḷārā C.); also given as N.of a plant Abhp 588.-- Superl.brahaṭṭha (=Sk.barhiṣṭha; on inversion bar›bra cp.Sk.paribarhanā›P.paribrahaṇa) in °puppha a large or fully developed blossom J.V,416. --arañña woodlands,vast forest A.I,187.--vana the wild wood,immense forest A.I,152; III,44; Vv 633; J.V,215.--sukha (-vihāra-jjhāna-jhāyin) (a thinker enjoying his meditations in) immense happiness Miln.226 (in characterisation of the term “brāhmaṇa").(Page 492)

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