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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
bhātar:m.[Sk.bhrātṛ] 兄弟,同学.(sg.) nom.bhātā; acc.bhātaraṃ; instr.bhātarā; gen.bhātuno,bhātussa; loc.bhātari; (pl.) nom.bhātaro,bhātuno; acc.bhāte.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Bhātar,[cp.Vedic bhrātar=Av.bratar,Gr.frάtwr,Lat.frater,Goth.brōpar=Ohg.bruoder,E.brother] brother,Nom.sg.bhātā Sn.296; J.I,307; PvA.54,64; Gen.sg.bhātuno ThA.71 (Ap.V,36),& bhātussa Mhvs 8,9; Instr.bhātarā J.I,308; Acc.bhātaraṁ Sn.125; J.I,307; Loc.bhātari J.III,56.-- Nom.pl.bhātaro J.I,307,& bhātuno Th.2,408; Acc.bhāte Dpvs VI,21.‹-› In cpds.both bhāti° (.bhātisadisa like a brother J.V,263),and bhātu° (:bhātu-jāyā brother’s wife,sisterin-law J.V,288; Vism.95).Cp.bhātika & bhātuka.On pop.etym.see bhaginī. Bhāti [bhā Dhtp 367,Dhtm 594:dittiyaṁ; Idg.*bhē,cp.Sk.bhāḥ nt.splendour,radiance,bhāsati to shine forth; Gr.fάos light,fai/nw to show etc.; Ags.bonian to polish=Ger.bohnen; also Sk.bhāla shine,splendour,=Ags.bael funeral pile] to shine (forth),to appear D.II,205; Vv 352; J.II,313.-- pp.bhāta:see vi°.(Page 502)

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