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Apa°,[Vedic apa; Idg. *apo = Gr. a]pό,Av. apa,Lat. ab from *ap (cp. aperio); Goth. af,Ger. ab,Ags. E. of. ‹-› A compar. form fr. apa is apara “further away”] Welldefined directional prefix,meaning “away from,off”. Usually as base-prefix (except with ā),& very seldom in compn. with other modifying prefixes (like sam,abhi etc.). ‹-› 1. apa = Vedic apa (Idg. *apo):apeti to go away = Gr. a)/peimi,Lat. abeo,Goth. afiddja; apeta gone away,rid; °kaḍḍhati to draw away,remove; °kamati walk away; °gacchati go away; °nidhāti put away (= a)potiqhmi,abdo); °nudati push away; °neti lead away; °vattati turn away (= āverto); °sakkati step aside; °harati take away. ‹-› 2. apa = Vedic ava (Idg. *aue; see ava for details). There exists a widespread confusion between the two preps. apa & ava,favoured both by semantic (apa = away,ava = down,cp. E. off) & phonetic affinity (p softened to b,esp. in BB Mss.,& then to v,as b › v is frequent,e. g. bya° › vya° etc.). Thus we find in Pāli apa where Vedic and later literary Sk. have ava in the foll. instances:apakanti,°kassati,°kirati,°gata,°cāra,°jhāyati,°thaṭa,°dāna,°dhāreti,°nata,°nāmeti,°nīta,°lekhana,°loketi,°vadati. (Page 50)

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