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Ahaṁ,(amha 的【主.單】),我(甲骨文︰我;金文︰我。,似乎說兩把‘戈’互砍,象徵「我」常常有沖突、矛盾、折磨。)。
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Ahaṁ,(prom.) [Vedic ahaṁ = Av. az∂m; Gr. e]gw/(n); Lat. ego; Goth. ik,Ags. ic,Ohg. ih etc.] pron. of 1st person “I”. ‹-› Nom. sg. ahaṁ S.III,235; A.IV,53; Dh.222,320; Sn.172,192,685,989,1054,1143; J.I,61; II,159. -- In pregnant sense (my ego,myself,I as the one & only,i. e. egotistically) in foll. phrases:yaṁ vadanti mama . . na te ahaṁ S.I,116,123; ahaṁ asmi “I am” (cp. ahaṁkāra below) S.I,129; III,46,128 sq.; IV,203; A.II,212,215 sq.; Vism.13; ahaṁ pure ti “I am the first” Vv 8450 (= ahamahaṁkārā ti VvA.351). -- Gen. Dat. mayhaṁ Sn.431,479; J.I,279; II,160,mama S.I,115; Sn.22,23,341,997; J.II,159,& mamaṁ S.I,116; Sn.253 (= mama C.),694,982. -- Instr. mayā Sn.135,336,557,982; J.I,222,279. -- Acc. maṁ Sn.356,366,425,936; J.II,159; III,26,& mamaṁ J.III,55,394. -- Loc. mayi Sn.559; J III 188. The enclitic form in the sg. is me,& func- tions in diff. cases,as Gen. (Sn.983; J.II,159),Acc. (Sn.982),Instr. (J.I,138,222),& Abl. -- Pl. Nom. mayaṁ (we) Sn.31,91,167,999; J.II,159; VI,365,amhe J.II,129,& vayaṁ (q. v.). -- Gen. amhākaṁ J.I,221; II,159 & asmākaṁ Sn.p. 106. -- Acc. amhe J.I,222; II,415 & asme J.III,359. -- Instr. amhehi J.I,150; II,417 & asmābhi ThA.153 (Ap. 132). -- Loc. amhesu J.I,222. ‹-› The enclitic form for the pl. is no (for Acc. dat & Gen.):see under vayaṁ.

--kāra selfishness,egotism,arrogance (see also mamaṁkāra) M.III,18,32; S.II,253; III,80,136,169 sq.; IV,41,197,202; A.I,132 sq.; III,444; Ud.70; Nett 127,and freq. passim. (Page 91)

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