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Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
aggika:a. 事火的,拜火的.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
aggika:a. 事火の,拝火の.
Aggika,(aggi + ka),【形】拜火的人(one who worships the fire)。
Pali Word Grammar from Pali Myanmar Dictionary
[aggi+ika (āgnika-saṃ)]
[အဂၢိ+ဣက (အာဂၷိက-သံ)]
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Aggika,(adj.) [aggi + ka] one who worships the fire Vin.I,71.(jaṭilaka); D.II,339.sq. (jaṭila); S.I,166.(brāhmaṇa). (Page 5)
Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G P Malalasekera
Aggika:1. Aggika-Bhārādvāja.-A brahmin of Sāvatthi,of the Bhāradvāja clan. The Buddha,while on his rounds,sees him tending the fire and preparing oblations,and stands for alms in front of his house. The brahmin abuses him,calling him mundaka and vasala. Thereupon the Buddha preaches to him the Vasala Sutta (or,as it is sometimes called. the Aggika Bhāradvāja Sutta),and wins him over to the faith (Sn.21-5). The sobriquet Aggika was given to him because he was a tender of the sacred fire. SnA.i.174f.

2. Aggika-Bhāradvāja.-A brahmin of Rājagaha,evidently different from the above,also a fire-tender. He prepares a meal for sacrifice,and when the Buddha,out of compassion for him,appears before his house for alms,he says the meal is meant only for one who has the ”threefold lore” (the three Vedas). The Buddha gives the brahmin another interpretation of the ”threefold lore”; (see Aggika Sutta). The brahmin,thereupon,becomes a convert,enters the Order,and,in due course,attains arahantship. S.i.166f.; SA.i.179.

3. Aggika-Bhāradvāja.-The name assumed by the jackal in the Aggika Jātaka.
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary တိပိဋက-ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္
[အဂၢိ+ဣက (အာဂၷိက-သံ)]
(၁) မီးကို လုပ္ေကြၽးေသာ၊ သူ။ (၂) အဂၢိက အမည္ခံေသာ ေျမေခြး။
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
မီးကို လုပ္ေကၽြးေသာ။ မီးကို ပူေဇာ္ေသာ။

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