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This site is online Pāḷi Dictionary (Pāli to Chinese, Pāli to English, Pāli to Japanese, Pāli-Vietnamese, Pāli-Burmese). The source of the dictionaries come from Pali Canon E-Dictionary Version 1.94 (PCED). The source code of this website is at pali repository on GitHub, and the data of this website is at data repository on GitHub. Any suggestion or questions? Welcome to contact me.

Aṁsa,1(Vedic aṁsa),【陽】【中】1.肩,肩膀,臺語:肩胛頭。2.一部份,一邊。II.【陽】切割面。aṁsakūṭa﹐【中】肩部(shoulder prominence,the shoulder)。aṁsavaṭṭaka,【中】肩帶(a shoulder strap)。aṁse karoti,放在肩上(to put on the shoulder)。aṁsa=koṭṭhāsa(DA I.312),【陽】部份,一分。mettāsa= mettaṁsa(sharing friendship (with) It.22)。atīt’aṁse,從前,以前的。ekena aṁsena …ekena aṁsena﹐一邊…一邊。ekaṁsa 【形】一邊。paccaṁsena﹐依照每人的分享。
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Aṁsa,2 [see next] point,corner,edge; freg. in combn with numerals,e. g. catur° four-cornered,chaḷ° aṭṭh° soḷas° etc. (q. v.) all at Dhs.617 (cp. DhsA.317). In connection with a Vimāna:āyat° with wide or protruding capitals (of its pillars) Vv 8415; as part of a carriagepole Vv 642 (= kubbara-phale patiṭṭhitā heṭṭhima-aṁsā VvA.265). (Page 1)
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Aṁsa,1 [Vedic aṁsa; cp. Gr. w]μos,Lat. umerus,Goth ams,Arm. us] (a) the shoulder A v. 110; Sn.609. aṁse karoti to put on the shoulder,to shoulder J.I,9. (b.) a part (lit. side) (cp. °āsa in koṭṭhāsa and expln of aṁsa as koṭṭhāsa at DA.I,312,also v. l. mettāsa for mettaṁsa at It.22). -- atīt’aṁse in former times,formerly D.II,224; Th.2,314. mettaṁsa sharing friendship (with) A.IV,151 = It.22 = J.IV,71 (in which connection Miln.402 reads ahiṁsā). -- Disjunctive ekena aṁsena . . . ekena aṁsena on the one hand (side) . . . on the other,partly . . . partly A.I,61. From this:ekaṁsa (adj.) on the one hand (only),i. e. incomplete (opp. ubhayaṁsa) or (as not admitting of a counterpart) definite,certain,without doubt (opp. dvidhā):see ekaṁsa. -- paccaṁsena according to each one’s share A.III,38. puṭaṁsena with a knapsack for provisions D.I,117; A II 183; cp. DA.I,288,with v. l. puṭosena at both passages.

--kūṭa “shoulder prominence”,the shoulder Vin.III,127; DhA.III,214; IV,136; VvA.121. -- vaṭṭaka a shoulder strap (mostly combd with kāyabandhana; vv. ll. °vaddhaka,°bandhaka) Vin.I,204 (T. °bandhaka); II,114 (ddh); IV,170 (ddh); Vv 3340 (T. °bandhana,C. v. l. °vaṭṭaka); DhA.III,452. (Page 1)

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